Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas ?" DIY Molding Projects

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Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas ?

Several years ago, options for molding were limited. In addition, installing molding as a do-it-yourself project was difficult in that the price for quality molding was so high. Today, you can find some incredible design options for molding and at affordable prices. Depending on the room and area of the room that needs to be updated, you would choose molding that you could then install on your own. Although there are many excellent possibilities, we wanted to provide a few that you might consider when decorating or remodeling the home.


For some reason, many homeowners do not realize the full potential of a fireplace regarding ways it can become a room’s focal point or serve as an area of interest. However, something as simple as molding could completely change the appearance of a fireplace and installation is extremely easy. For this type of do-it-yourself project, you would first need to decide on the right molding that is going to look best.

The great thing about updating the area around the fireplace is that this one wall could be enhanced with molding without the need to install molding on every wall. We recommend that you look at corner molding no more than two inches wide for around the sides of the fireplace and then flat molding for the area above the fireplace, and flat molding with decorative corner pieces for the wall Creative Business Name Generator.

Look at molding designs that would enhance the room’s architectural features, as well as the finished look you plan to achieve. For instance, if you wanted to add molding in a living room with a Tuscan theme, molding designed with grapes would be ideal. In addition, if the room would have a transitional style, a rope design would look amazing whereas plain molding for a contemporary room would serve you best.

If wanted, molding could be painted or stained prior to installation but if you were unsure if you wanted it left as is or changed, you could always install the molding down each side of the fireplace and along the wall at the ceiling, stand back, and then decide. A project such as this would cost around $30 but the transformation of that wall would be huge.

Recessed Ceiling

Another area that is often overlooked when it comes to remodeling or updating a home is the recessed ceiling. Many homes in the 1970s were designed with this type of ceiling in the master bedroom and dining room. Then for years, the recessed ceiling faded in popularity. However, homes built in the past 10 years and those currently being built often feature one or more recessed ceilings.

Although a recessed ceiling in itself is a nice design feature, the room could be enhanced with molding. For this, you have two excellent opportunities. First, you could add crown molding to the room and then for the recessed ceiling, choose a complementary molding design. Second, you could simply focus on adding molding to the recessed ceiling area without installing crown molding on the other walls.

Based on the choices made, you could create a sophisticated, modern, rustic, or traditional look. As an example, if you have a master bedroom with a recessed ceiling and your design preference is country or rustic, you could install a piece of rough molding left in its natural state or stained dark. The goal would be to purchase a piece of molding the same width as the inside lip of the recession. With this, the inside perimeter of the ceiling would be covered with the molding.

Another idea would be for a master bedroom with a transitional style. For this, the surface of the inside lip of the recessed ceiling should be smooth. If it were not smooth, you would simply scrape off any material and then prime it, followed by painting the area with a color that complements or coordinates with the primary color of the room. Next, choose molding approximately one-third the width of the area so if the inside lip measured five inches, you would look for molding that measures about 1.5 inches wide.

For design, you could choose molding with a block, rope, egg and dart, or leaf design. In this case, the molding would be painted white or cream prior to being installed so the result is the color popping behind the molding. Finally, for a bedroom with a Victorian theme, the inside lip of the recessed ceiling could be painted pastel blue or green. Again, molding about one-third the width as the area would be chosen, and then painted white or cream. To switch things up, the inside area could be painted white or cream and the molding painted a pastel color.

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