Overview on the Collapse of Modern Art Paintings

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Overview on the Collapse of Modern Art Paintings

Modern art paintings did not cease to stop, instead, they were overridden by other events gradually. These events took place in the late 1960s to early 1970s. This period coexisted with the advent of pop culture and the rise of social changes. 

A notable year that contributed to the transition of modernism into something else was 1968. This year saw many social dilemmas that included the assassination of Martin Luther King, street protests across several cities of the world, and more. 

With these changes, artists saw modern art as something that symbolized the great change in the last century, but this century needed a new notion. Thus, modern art looked old-fashioned and a gateway to the 19th century that held many revolutions. 

This new notion paved the path for “Contemporary art”, which translates to “art of the present era”. This term evolves with time and is neutral concerning the progressive aspect of art. Postmodernism is another category that widely represents aesthetics with an increased focus on the type of medium used and the brushstroke style. This form of art questions the styles instead of the motive behind the painting. 

Notable Movements in Modern Art Paintings

Here we discuss some of the movements of modern art that helped build the concept. We also explore how Diana Roy embedded these movements in her modern art paintings. 

  1. Impressionism Paintings 

Impressionism included many landscape paintings through catching elements like light and color. This type introduced an unnatural color palette and the use of heavy brushstrokes. Impressionism paintings were very unpopular among the common people. True art enthusiasts and modern artists of the late 19th century deciphered the illustration and appreciated these artworks. 

  1. Fauvism Paintings

Fauvism was a genre that lived only for a few years. It is distinguished by its vivid and unnatural color schemes that overshadowed Impressionism paintings. Fauvism contributed to the modern art world through its use of the independent power of color. 

  1. Cubism Paintings

These paintings presented themselves as an alternative to the renaissance paintings. Cubism’s modern art paintings were inspired by a linear perspective and rounded volumes. This movement greatly influenced modern artists. Diana Roy blended Fauvism and Cubism to paint exquisite paintings. Her paintings in the series are a sight to behold for art enthusiasts. 

  1. Futurism Paintings

As the name indicates, Futurism paintings glorify technological advancements like vehicles, airplanes, scientific discoveries, and more. Though Futurism paintings stand on their own, they are greatly influenced by genres like Neo-Impressionism and Italian Divisionism. Futurism contributed to modern art by linking scientific advancement with beauty and illustrating on the canvas. 

  1. Expressionism 

Expressionism was founded by two groups in Germany before the breakout of World War I. Modern art welcomed expressionism through the idea of introducing a “subjective approach” in painting and sculpture. Expressionism also showed that art can represent subjective distortion as well. 

  1. Surrealism 

This movement dates back to 1924, where it was founded in Paris. It is regarded as the fashionable war movement that helped people escape post-war trauma and embrace a new style. Diana Roy has a series dedicated solely to the genre. This series showcases some of her top modern art paintings which she painted in her career. 

  1. Pop Art

This modern art genre was the star of the 1950s and 60s. It emerged from New York and London and slithered its way into other cities by the late 1960s. The genre encompassed recognizable imagery infused with vibrant block prints. The start of the 1970s saw the last of modern paintings, which then transitioned into what we call contemporary art. 

Diana Roy Fine Artist

Diana Roy was a fine artist who encompassed many notions in the field of art. A wide range of her modern art paintings is available in her online gallery. These paintings come under her collection “On the Wild Side”, and are available for sale. 

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