Multiple Shopify Stores: Top 5 Common Issues & Solutions

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Multiple Shopify Stores: Top 5 Common Issues & Solutions

Spent hours figuring out how to get the benefits of multiple stores on Shopify. Here is the article that helps you to get the answers regarding the challenges of Multiple Shopify stores and bad solutions for them  

Why do we need Multiple Shopify Stores?

If you own a small e-commerce business on Shopify then you don't need to begin with multiple stores. But as your business grows then you could expand to multiple Shopify stores. Contrary to popular opinion you can't manage multiple stores on one account.

 However, they understood later on that the brand needs multiple stores. So, they started to support multiple Shopify stores. But you should set up a new Shopify account. That means you will have two Shopify accounts, two stores, two inventories, two paid plans, and more. Sounds complex, right? But they are many benefits that come with these multiple Shopify stores here are there: 

  • To sell to different budgets:

It is a common practice for any e-commerce business to stock many products to cater to several budgets. Try to design sub-brands on many Shopify stores that enable you to reach consumers of several budgets, without devaluing the brand. This kind of sub-branding can boost reach & meet every need. 

  • To sell internationally:

If you are thinking of expanding your business for selling internationally, then it's best for you.  The shoppers' attitudes,  shopping habits, issues, and needs differ within consumers' countries. You can design many stores with language differences,  currency differences, domains, etc.

In case you are designing different stores for every country then ensure to come up with a landing page in the regional language and show the pricing in the regional currency, to make people connect with the products. 

  • To target many customer segments:

If you sell a wide assortment of products then you should design multiple stores to serve every consumer segment. A Shopify agency can create unique landing pages for every store and display logos that belong to specific consumer segments. 

Challenges of having multiple Shopify stores 

Setting an additional store on the Shopify platform could be easy to sound. But the story behind managing them is very horrifying. So, with multiple stores, these brands could separate items, inventory data orders, and more which worries them most. You need to handle orders which every website can be complex. In terms of ret ring.

Do you sell products on both sides,  so update inventory as your consumers can return or buy items. While adding new products to the catorganizeake sure to organize them in different filters. It's not easy to classify these products with different filters.  While operating several branches it needs you to put more effort into integrating systems like POS or ERP with every store that you created.

Solutions for Multiple Shopify stores: 

1. A Product Information Management System 

As we discussed above, managing many products across several stores could be very tough. That can result in burnout and wastage,e  of resources, time, and money. If you are managing the information manually we got good news for you.  You don't need to go through all these. A product information management system could do this for you. These  PIMS can track inventory, update products, etc, and integrate well with Shopify.

2. Update Inventory 

Is the similar product in best-selling stores the best-selling one? Then you should inform the consumers that means you might not ship their favorite product. So, try real-time inventory in real-time via multiple consumer touch points. The perfect way to real-time inventory in real-time is centralizing while managing inventory. So, you could analyze inventory counts regardless of what store it's stored from.

3. Optimise every store

While offering multiple stores for targeting unique international markets or selling many consumers remember to optimize them. That means making an offer and content related to the intended consumers. This includes potential local keywords marketing special country regional deals and offers, a unique URL structure, and country-relevant or country-relevant content for the visitors. 


 For many sellers on Shopify, a single store for selling products is enough. However, at times, it is helpful to start another one for more potential sales and promotions. That improves overall results.  If you are considering multiple stores, then you are planning to fail. Before starting a new store, think about your business res, our strategy, goals, and brand value and think about every risk and make good decisions. Multiple stores are something you need then a Shopify plus agency has enabled you to be more powerful than ever. Shopify has great tools and experts who can help you along the way

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