What Is CAT6 Ethernet Cable Bulk and Who Needs It?

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What Is CAT6 Ethernet Cable Bulk and Who Needs It?

Few ethernet cables are as popular as the Cat6 ethernet cable bulk. That is probably also the reason you are looking for information about it. It is category 6 of ethernet cables, also known as twisted-pair cables. Bulk Cat6 cable is produced at a length of 1000ft.  Features 4 twisted pairs of conductors that are either made from bare copper or copper-clad aluminum. The conductors are shielded in some variants to keep EMI and crosstalk at a minimum. Further, the core of the cable, the conductor pairs, are wrapped in a sheath which is called the cable jacket. Cat6 Ethernet cable comes in three different types of jackets known as plenum, riser, and PVC. The cable which comes with a plenum jacket is called a Cat6 plenum and the one with a riser jacket is called a Cat6 riser. Moreover, this cable is significantly better at data transmission and resisting EMI and Crosstalk as compared to its predecessors. Now, letís look into the features of the Cat6 cable in detail. Be sure to read till the end to have a better understanding of what it is and who needs it. Letís get right into it. 

What is Cat6 Ethernet Cable Bulk?

The cat6 ethernet cable bulk is produced in long lengths of 1000ft. It is used when establishing entire LAN networks as well as to connect individual devices in an already established one. Cat6 cable 1000ft has 4 tightly twisted pairs of 23 AWG conductors. As mentioned, the cable conductors can be made from bare copper or copper-clad aluminum. 

Bare copper ones are better in quality because of their higher bend radius, lesser attenuation, and ductility. They are flexible and can easily be twisted or untwisted. Terminating the Cat 6 bulk cables is also easy. And they terminate as per the T568A and T568B wiring configurations in RJ45 connectors and keystone jacks. 

The data transfer rate of Cat6 cable bulk is up to 1 GBit/s over 100 meters but it can be increased up to 10 GBit/s if run at less than 50 meters. And its bandwidth capacity is 550 MHz. With this speed and bandwidth capacity, it can be used for almost all ethernet applications. The bare copper Cat6 cable is ideal for PoE as well. And for streaming and other ethernet applications, cable is widely sought after. 

Cat6 Cable Shielding

Some Cat6 cables are shielded with the purpose of eliminating or minimizing EMI and crosstalk. The shielding is integrated just beneath the cable jacket. It is either made from metal foil or a wire mesh. 

It reflects or absorbs the interference coming from other cables in a network which enhances the signal integrity. For crowded networks, shielded cables such as the Cat6 plenum and riser are strongly recommended. 

If you will be running the cable individually, Shielded Cat6 cables are not necessarily important. They can be harder to install as well because of their additional thickness. 

Cat6 Cable for Residential Use

In residential LAN networks and for general purposes in residential buildings, the Cat6 cable is an ideal solution. It is affordable, everlasting, and provides unparalleled performance. 

Cat6 plenum and Cat6 riser cables are also safe and easy to install which is a must-have feature for cables that are installed in residential settings. 

Cat6 Cable for Commercial Use

The Gigabit and 10-gigabit data transfer rates of Cat6 bulk cables are best utilized in commercial networks. It is used to connect all sorts of devices such as large smart  TVs which need PoE connections. Further, the plenum Cat6 cable can also be run outdoors to connect ATMs, IP Security cameras, security devices, etc. 

Commercial networks need an ethernet cable that is durable and high performing. Cat6 cable 1000ft is the exact solution for these requirements. 

Cat6 Cable for Data Centers

In data centers, servers and other important devices are connected at a close range. Mostly, at less than 5 feet. But the Cat6 ethernet cables are designed for long-distance transmission. That is not to say that Cat6 cables bulk will underperform. But there are other cables such as Cat7 and Cat8 which can be ideal for data center applications. 

 Specifically, the Cat8 cable is exclusively designed for use in data centers and server rooms where devices are connected at close ranges and sometimes even within inches from each other.

In Conclusion

Cat6 is a high-performance Ethernet network cable with the Cat6 plenum and riser as its most popular types. It is needed in residential and commercial LAN networking but can also be used in data centers. 

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