Change Your Training to Keep Up With Industry Trends

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Change Your Training to Keep Up With Industry Trends

Digital slideshows have been around for over 30 years. Both students and professionals use them for their presentations. You can create stunning presentations with a variety of tools and templates. Slideshows have been the preferred tool of professionals for many years.

  • But is this the best way to train current workers or is it obsolete?
  • It is the best tool for creating engaging training and mental stimulation.
  • This format could bridge the skills gap
  • Does it take too much time to transition and use new authoring tools?

Are PowerPoints Still Effective?

PowerPoint by design is simple to use. To keep up with technology changes, the software is regularly updated. This feature-rich, user-friendly software is very popular.

It is widely used and has a large global reach. It's also available to people with a basic understanding of the software.

Is it the best tool to deliver employee training that will engage, stimulate and develop workplace skills effectively and safely?

There are a few flaws that make it less efficient for this purpose.

Hardware compatibility issues

PowerPoint is a desktop application. It is not compatible with mobile devices. This is a significant drawback. eLearning modules are designed to deliver content "on-the-go." eLearning's main feature is its ability to be used anywhere and anytime.

The software won't make it if learners are unable to access their training via a mobile device.

Compatibility issues with platforms

Compatibility issues are not limited to hardware. PowerPoint is a complex software program with many features and animations. The learning program may become corrupted if it is exported in a different format. In the exported format, content, audio and video may be missing or misaligned. This happens with any type of proprietary software.

These plug-ins will be required. It is important that you ensure that the exported training material looks identical in all formats and on every platform.

Conversion tools can be used to convert PowerPoint files to other formats and software. However, it can be difficult to export files to other formats if they are heavier.

There are no interactive features

It is impossible to create interactive activities in eLearning modules using PowerPoint.

Students are less likely to be engaged in training if there are no interactive features. This is a key factor in today's virtual training courses. The training modules are engaging by using simulation eLearning and branching scenarios. Clients also enjoy a high return on investment.

Is Adopting New Authoring Tools To Create Interactive Training A Challenge?

You should make sure that you invest in authoring tools designed for creating and distributing simulation eLearning. This will eliminate compatibility issues.

Many people are resistant to change. It is easier to stay with what you know. Our work requires us to bring new knowledge to organizations and to make them more effective. However, we must also overcome our own resistance to change. It can be difficult to learn new software. It's crucial to find authoring tools that provide excellent customer support. They are not something you should struggle with!

The best authoring tools remove the need to code. Drag-and-drop is all you need to add steps to your training program. You should be able to see the final product at a glance as you create it. With this rapid training solutions can be created at a very short time and this will save you a lot of time and frustration.

They provide a variety of job-like learning activities, and they track the progress of learners throughout the program. You can easily convert PPT to SCORM that will help you bridge skill gaps.

They can be added seamlessly to any tool or software you already use. They must be SCORM-compliant, and can easily be integrated with different LMS platforms.

They must be affordable. You should be able to save time and money and have a superior learning program. You should aim to make dull, boring, and one-dimensional content engaging, stimulating, and ultimately delivering ROI to the company that uses it.

While PowerPoint has its merits, you will need to learn more about the industry and become more proficient. To create interactive, lifelike training, you need an authoring tool.

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