How Can Teachers Assist Their Children With Online Exam Help

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How Can Teachers Assist Their Children With Online Exam Help

Virtual classes provide particular difficulties. Teachers must come up with modern, imaginative methods for students to work together in order to create effective lessons and get online exam help. From behind the computer, they must provide real-time, individualized feedback to learners in order to keep them engaged. This might be particularly difficult for students who are getting ready for a test. So how can we ensure that our pupils feel encouraged to learn before a significant test?

The following is a list of ways teachers can significantly assist their students:


Find Methods to Inspire Those Taking an Online Exam.

Online learning can be different from in-person training in a number of ways, one of which is that it may be more difficult for students to maintain motivation. Less interaction between students and less engagement with the teacher occurs in an online classroom. Lessons are not as individualized and instruction is less individualized. There is less of a chance that students are writing notes or practicing in some kind of a coursebook, therefore there is no tangible proof of their learning.

Students could feel less motivated and as like they have not made much progress toward passing a test as a result. This is why it is so important for teachers to make sure that their students are motivated to study.

Educators should try a few of the following:

  • Ask students how they are doing and discuss relevant issues in each lesson to help them feel comfortable.
  • Encourage students to create their own goals to increase their internal drive so they are less reliant on teachers and can learn on their own.
  • Encourage students to collaborate when the teacher is not available in order to discuss tricky exam items.
  • Give students reflection exercises, such as asking them to come up with three ways to improve a certain task to provide them with online exam help.
  • Create a calendar of assignments or tasks for students to complete (with deadlines) so they see the progress they are making.
  • Keep yourself open for assistance, support, and guidance during online work hours.

Having said that, a lot of these activities need certain resources. There are countless online education applications available on the internet. Some of which are as follows:

Habitica: is a fun, game-based software for setting daily goals.

BookWidgets: is a tool for developing assignments that students can complete alone or as homework.

Twiddla: Using the online whiteboard, you can annotate web pages and specify tasks.


Promote Self Directed learning (SDL).

Giving students control over their own education so they are not only passive recipients of knowledge is the aim of self-directed learning (SDL). SDL performs particularly well in online settings because there is less individualized training there. Given that students frequently have diverse learning styles, it provides them the freedom to choose how they want to study.

Teachers can do the following to encourage Self Directed Learning and offer online exam help to students:

  • Stimulate self for an examination outside of virtual class by including students in individual strategic planning at the start of the course. This will let them take charge of their learning.
  • Give students access to a variety of internet tools so they can test themselves and practice previously mastered skills or grammar rules.


Presenting a Chance for Observation

Online courses frequently have delayed feedback. Contrary to traditional classrooms, instructors frequently lack the time and resources to offer feedback to students in real-time while seated in front of a screen. However, it might be damaging to learn to wait too long to talk with pupils about their assignments.

In order to enhance students' understanding of the lecture, Billie advises giving them brief feedback in chat bubbles during video conferences and then writing a follow-up email soon thereafter. Additionally, instructors ought to make an effort to customize their feedback whenever possible so that students are aware of their instructors' genuine concern for their exam performance.

Among the helpful resources that teachers can use to provide prompt, individualized feedback are:

  • Snagit is an app that allows users to screencap mistakes and makes a little video explaining how to fix them.
  • With the help of the program Vocaroo, you may film your voice online (much like a mini-Podcast), save it to a shared drive, and then email the recording to your students.


Make Sound Lesson Plans.

For traditional lessons, teachers might be well-prepared, but they might not have as much internet content. Teachers must devote a bit more time to planning for online lessons in order to ensure that they go as seamlessly as possible. To create lessons that are effective, try the following:

  • Practice your classes to prevent wasting time on technical difficulties that could demotivate your students.
  • Consider how to keep students engaged in the course; typical classroom fillers and exercises might not be effective online.
  • To keep the lecture focused and interactive, sprinkle brief, quick-fire quizzes throughout.
  • Have vocabulary-based brainstorming sessions where students may participate instantly through audio or chat.
  • Pick a good common exam topic and ask the students to volley questions off of each other in a game of question volley to practice speaking spontaneously.


Give Students the Opportunity to Contribute to the Class or Lesson

Teachers have more freedom to modify lessons to meet the needs of their students when offering online courses to exam candidates. Ask students to rate three aspects of the lessons they are enjoying and three aspects they are not at the halfway point of the semester in an anonymous manner. This will provide teachers the chance to go about their teaching strategies and determine how to use a variety of materials to better meet the needs of their students' learning styles.


Conduct Online Quiz Sessions Frequently in Classes

Traditional assessment methods include quizzes. Additionally, they are a fantastic tool to engage students in their studies when combined with technology. There are several different types of quiz questions, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and hotspots. The fact that quizzes are quick and simple to grade is one advantage. Another is that the quizzes can have randomly generated question orders and answer choices.

Online tests are the best way to assess student progress among a large audience. Results from various classes, schools, or towns can be compared and contrasted because every student takes the very same exam. Before a session begins, a non-graded virtual quiz might be administered to gather baseline data on a student's prior knowledge. Alternatively, you can create a final scored test at the conclusion of the course to assess students' overall performance, or you can incorporate a knowledge check exam into a lesson to reinforce lessons presented in the lesson.



In these times when online learning is still quite new for some students, it is very important for teachers to step up their game and focus on providing assistance to their students regarding online exam help.

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