How International School Can Transform Your Child’s Life?

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How International School Can Transform Your Child’s Life?

Physicist and educator Dr. Maria Montessori designed the Montessori school curriculum in the early 1900s. The curriculum is based on hands-on activities, helping them develop critical learning skills that can be useful throughout their lives.

The Montessori classroom is filled with age-appropriate activities encouraging children to interact with various work materials and activities. During the process, they learn to work in collaboration with other children and teachers.

Being a caring parent, it is the most considerable responsibility of every parent to enroll their child in the International School where they will get the best educational program, environment, and support of teachers. This, in turn, will give your child long-term benefits as their early learning experiences are the foundation for a successful future.

Montessori Philosophy 

A combination of individual and group activities exposes them to discrete learning interactions and helps children to explore. During the process, they learn social skills and communication and build connections with other children outside the classroom.

In Montessori schools, teachers act as guides allowing children to choose the materials of their interest and giving enough space and time to work without distractions which results in children learning to make their own decision helping in creating a solid basis for the child's growth.

Aim of Montessori Schools

The main aim of the Montessori educational approach is to develop a love for learning in them so that they keep on learning, upgrading themselves lifelong, and grow into intelligent, independent, confident, competent learners.

Montessori is one of the popular curricula worldwide and is backed by research. This philosophy tick all the educational goals parents have set for their children, such as developing self-confidence, good communication, and the ability to connect with others and be productive throughout their life. Montessori curriculum is designed based on the child's growth from an early age which is essential to lay a strong foundation for their future learning.

Benefits of Montessori Education

Develops Children's Potential 

The Montessori curriculum is not just about academics. It's about developing children's capabilities, so teachers provide them with many opportunities to develop their talents and skills and help them learn new things such as how to dress or perform tasks or activities and how to collaborate or solve problems independently.

The Primary School Dubai classroom is designed with appropriate activities that encourage children to interact with specific learning materials or choose the activity they like and are given enough freedom of time and space to learn on their own during the process and understand their equation with themselves.

Children learn on their own

Students progress at their own pace as they select work materials, so they practice and learn independently. Therefore their progress is based on their interests and talents. Children learn to take charge of their learning; teachers observe them daily, provide the right resources, and guide them to develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. They also prepare customized learning plans for each child based on their interests.

The Montessori approach focuses on self-correction and self-assessment learning, where children learn to examine their work, ask questions, correct themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Gain In-depth Knowledge

The Primary School Dubai curriculum develops various skills in children, such as coordination, concentration, and independence. As we said earlier, children learn real-life skills and understand things in-depth; they know what they are learning and gain knowledge that stays with them forever.

They are exposed to various challenges and are given practical learning experiences that lead to profound knowledge.


A Montessori classroom is filled with mixed age groups (children 3-6 years old). Children remain in the same class with the same students and teacher during the 3-year program forming a solid bond between them.

Older students learn leadership skills by mentoring younger children, while younger ones learn to follow older students and imitate them. During this period, they learn many new things such as good ethics and behavior, giving back to the community and environment, and becoming aware and self-sufficient.


Children love to learn new things when they are free to explore at their own pace, and Montessori teachers do the same. The Montessori International School approach is designed to develop a lifelong love of learning in children and encourage them to be curious learners so that they can learn and understand things around them, gain knowledge, and develops real-life skills.

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