Impact of Social Media in the Classrooms

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Impact of Social Media in the Classrooms

With the advancement of e-learning in today's world of education, social media has had a significant impact. Social media has even transformed our lives in many ways we could imagine.

As discussed at education events, students, schools and universities use social media platforms for a wide range of reasons, whether itís to network, to promote, to gather information, or to connect with like-minded peers. 

So here, stay tuned to know what effects social media has on our students' education both at school and outside. 

Positive Impacts of Social Media

Gone are the days of traditional learning, wherein now social media is being promoted on almost all the e-learning platforms. So with the social media in education has become the new norm, let's see here how it impacts today's education system:

  • Finding Concrete Information 

Experts have pointed out at post-COVID education events such as the Education 2.0 Conference, that the biggest highlight of social media on education is that you will get to know factual information about almost everything. Through social media news feeds, students can get to know about the relevant websites to be followed to stay up-to-date. 

Sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest offer students vital information and guidance for school projects and practical problem-solving. These social media sites even prepare students for essential lessons with excellent efficiency. 

  • Parental Involvements

Through the use of social media in a child's education, parental involvement gets much better. With the help of the schools' Twitter or Facebook page feeds, parents can be updated on their child's school-related activities, projects, performances, etc. 

Even teachers can get in touch with them through sites like Zoom in case they want to share a child's academic and personal progress. This again helps parents get more involved in their child's academics so that they share and observe their child more while learning. 

  • Better Communication and Collaboration

Social media sites and apps like WhatsApp or Kids Messenger allow a student to connect with anyone at any time. Such platforms can even be used via smartphones and tablets, giving them better exposure by making phone and video calls, thereby improving their communication. 

Even if a student is stuck with homework, they don't have to wait for an in-person meeting, wherein social media promotes learning by offering support with shared documents such as Google Docs. 

  • Improved Literacy and Reading Skills

Often students get bored with reading and writing; however, these social media platforms come up with exciting animations and graphics, making them more inclined to read. Students get more motivated to devote their time to learning with these online platforms providing an endless list of information. 

With this, kids evenly develop more vigorous reading habits resulting in a tremendous improvement in their writing skills. Being more interactive, these sites keep the students more involved in their studies. 

  • Aids in Distance Learning

Social media in education has paved the way for distance learning. Of course, a few students who cannot acquire formal classroom education may be there. 

So with the help of online tools and social media, these students can attend distance learning programs. 

Witness an Era of Social Media Learning

Nowadays, social media acts like Wikipedia for students as well as for experts. Soon, it will be an inseparable part of our daily lives. There are many more different uses of social media in education and classrooms, and it's now high time to embrace them!

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