Introduction to Etl Testing: Benefits and Prospects

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Introduction to Etl Testing: Benefits and Prospects


ETL Testing refers to the process of verifying the data transformation done through the ETL methodology. Here, ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) refers to a sophisticated process where the data is transformed from a source into a singular data type and then sent to a destination depository. The process involves verifying, validating, and qualifying data, which prevents data loss and duplicate information. It is a process that is used in businesses to make sure that the data moves from the varying sources to the central warehouse coherently and as per the guidelines. The job prospects of ETL testers are generally more than that of other testers, and thus, many professionals are opting for this career route. Considering the surge in data processing technology, the demand for ETL Testing Training in Noida and in other metropolitan cities has increased. Therefore, go ahead and attain expertise in ETL Testing. 

Take help from this article if you want to go deeper into the field of ETL Testing. 

The ETL Testing Process

It is an elegant process that identifies the flaws in the source directory and rectifies them. It also uses ETL mapping and test data for verification. The whole process is as follows-

  • Identify Business Needs: Depending upon the need of the customer, you can establish the data model. Then, you can move on to creating a comprehensive business flow. It renders the users in figuring out the exact needs. It is imperative for the users to start from this point as it will lay the foundation for the subsequent steps. 
  • Check the Data Sources: Here the data model comes in handy. You can proceed to verify that the data count and the structure is as per the specification of the data model. In this process, you can also prevent any copying of data and establish check keys to ensure that all parameters are checked. 
  • Use Test Data: You can corroborate that you have all the accurate information by using test cases and data. For this, you can use SQL scripts, deploy ETL mapping scenarios, and establish rules for transformation. 
  • Data Extraction: This process involves verifying the data, which has been extracted from the source is accurate. It involves rigorous testing of the source repository to ensure that there are no bugs there. However, if the testing process finds any bugs, it is imperative to rectify those bugs before going further. Any flaw in this process makes the whole data transformation process unreliable. 
  • Data Transformation Testing and Closure: This process deals with the mapping of data in source and destination. However, users can also go deeper and check whether the data in the target repositories are working fine. After everything is set and done, the test process comes to a close.

Move ahead to know about the advantages.

Advantages of ETL Testing

ETL Testing checks that the data transfer and transformation from source to destination happens in concurrence with all the transformation laws. Get a look at the pointers to understand the benefits of ETL Testing-

  • It elevates the performance of the system by making the data transformation faster. It also allows for increased queries and can also enable users to instantly access the real-time data by implementing faster data transformation techniques. 
  • ETL Testing also increases the quality and consistency of data transfer since all the guidelines of validity tests and transformation rules are followed. 
  • It also ensures the maintenance of the data warehouse during offline hours. It also renders the all-time available of data, further benefiting the users. 

Now, proceed to read the subsection below to know about the future of ETL Testing and the salary of ETL Testers. 

Future of ETL Testing

There has been an increasing trend in the IT sector that is seeing the culture of in-house software products and hand-coded programming tools become outdated. In the present age of outsourcing, developers who use the DevOps methodology to generate agile and high-tech applications with constant deployment are changing the standard. Now, as the growth of DevOps methodology continues to increase, engineers are tending toward testing algorithms that can test complex processes without human intervention. It enables data integration processes and can bend easily with emerging technologies like AI, DevOps, and Agile. Therefore, the future of ETL Testing looks very bright and can offer prospering careers to professionals. If you are new to the industry, learning ETL Testing will launch your career towards prosperity.  

Now, let us take a brief look at the possibilities of earning high remuneration as an ETL Tester.

Salary of ETL Testers

Since the demand for ETL Testing is quite high and is continuing to surge, the salary ranges are fairly high. If you live in India, then the chances of getting a decent job as an ETL Tester are considerable. In India, ETL Testing professionals earn a mean salary of ?5.5LPA and the total range lies between ?4LPA and ?8.2LPA. In more advanced countries such as the US, the salary ranges are even better because the demand is more. The top professionals in this domain earn approximately $80,000 per annum. The freshers and inexperienced candidates can also earn somewhere around $52,066 while the average salary exists in proximity of $78,100. 


ETL Testing is an in-demand data transformation verification technique. It checks the entire process of ETL transformation and ensures that the data in the target system is valid. The verification process involves checking three important processes i.e. Extraction, Verification, and the Load of the ETL process. It also involves extensive use of test cases and test data to corroborate the fact that the data transfer is valid. Since it is a sophisticated technique, the need for human intervention is minimal. Hence, enterprises that work on complex technologies like AI and DevOps opt for this testing technique. It decreases the need for manpower and revamps the testing procedure comprehensively. Hence, if you are looking to enroll in ETL Testing Training in Delhi, you should know about the future and remuneration in this field. The article comprehensively sheds light on that. 

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