Primary School Transition to Secondary

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Primary School Transition to Secondary

Primary school transition to secondary is a big step for the students. In this article, we will talk about it.

Year 6 to 7. A gargantuan step for the students but they are thrilled about it. The idea of meeting new people and friends has made them content with their next colossal step in life, and although there will be many challenges and difficulties. They should plan on staying resilient.

The Challenges for the Students

One of the main challenges for the students, in transition from primary school to secondary, would be the change in difficulty.


Although they are exhilarated, maths is going to leap in difficulty as new topics will be introduced such as algebra and the new terms. However, many students like maths, therefore they are looking forward to the new topics as it will increase their understanding and knowledge of the subject, and help them build a prominent future.


All the students are also intrigued by the proper introduction of science, as in primary school science is never taught properly compared to in secondary, which keeps them curious and wondering what interesting topics and facts they may learn about atoms and plants. This links with geography as well, like geography, tells all about the terrain and the world, answering questions that everyone has asked at least once in their life, for example, why is the land in England flatter compared to Scotland.  English is also bound to get more laborious as everyone will have to write more in secondary school in comparison with primary.

Creative Writing

Another challenge here would be non-fiction creative writing, as it would be more of the opposite of creative and more tedious compared to fiction creative writing. Apart from that, it would be more interesting to learn and understand a higher level of English as it would really lighten up skills on writing essays for when they will become older or emails and etc. RS and History are going to be more essay-like as well, making them not so comparative to English but also just as fascinating, from the philosophical theories and questions in RS to the story to unfold in History lessons, and both will be gripping.

School Environment

Another vast challenge would be getting used to the environment. On the first day of the secondary school, the induction day, the enormous size of the site was insurmountably bewildering, like trying to find the buildings for each subject or the school office the medical office, and more. Getting used to this environment would be challenging, along with remembering each building for what it represents would also be stressful, although, after a few weeks, they should feel satisfied with navigating their selves around the towering buildings and being able to walk the whole site with ease.

School Rules

Rules can be agitating but the students can already predict that secondary school is tenfold stricter in comparison to primary school. No more needs to be said. I would stay behaved in class and in the playground and avoid trouble and detentions.

New People

Lastly, teachers. After years of knowing teachers from primary school, it would be hard to introduce yourself to the new teachers in secondary that you would have never seen before and left an outstanding first impression. Although it isnít easy to introduce yourself and talk to a teacher. These are one of the difficulties and challenges that secondary school imposes, a place to increase your social skills by meeting new people like your teachers and peers. This also links to procuring new friends, as it isnít easy to meet new people and talk to them, but these are also the challenges and difficulties of secondary school, the social ability to talk to new people your age and feel comfortable with them. This would help in the future as well, because in your job line you would want to feel comfortable and in good relations with your peers and upper positions, therefore making this a productive lesson or skill to learn. In abiding by this, on staying resilient and hard-working in classes and outside in the playground when finding new people.Overall, ecstatic about secondary school, from the challenging but interesting subjects to the unique environment and the new people you would meet.

How the Tuition Centers Help the Students

Happiness. This is the base of the tuition centers. Children should be happy at the tuition centers. Why? Because happy children learn best. Whatever problems or troubles they have outside that they canít talk to their friends and family about, there should always be a listening ear and a loving heart for them to confide in. This requires the teachers to play the role of counselor. All teachers should take a course in basic counseling.Sometimes a child will come in and by their very demeanor, the teacher should be able to identify that the child is not on point and is lacking something. If it requires them to speak to a teacher they are closer with than another then so be it. It should take no longer than 15 minutes in most cases, however, in more extreme cases the child could require professional counseling or there may be additional safeguarding issues. This should be referred to the safeguarding officer.

Education in the Tuition Centers

The tuition centers are offering early years courses and 11 plus tuition for the different age groups of students. The tuition centers in the UK design the early years courses for the 4-5 years age group. On the other hand, they design 11 plus tuoniti for the 6-10 years age group.

How the Tuition Centers Handle the Social Problems

Different locations will have different social problems that may present themselves. These can often be related to the crime statistics of that area. In some areas it's radicalization or extremism to the far right; gang and knife problems, and drug issues. Teachers should be aware of the keywords to monitor in the vocabulary of students when talking to their peersStudents may sometimes not be aware of the level of danger they are in and feel happy to share photos of themselves posing with their friends. One case of a student, who was sharing photos of himself with a teacher on local high streets carrying 15-inch Rambo knives and waving them in the air whilst masking his face. He did not see any problem with what he was doing as it was part of his normal life. The great thing was that the teacher had built up a relationship with him where he felt accepted and safe to share that. This role of the teacher as a confidante can never be undervalued as itís critical to the learning of certain students who are vulnerable and in situations that they often donít disclose to their parents. The teacher correctly informed him that she will have to inform the safeguarding officer about what he showed her for his protection. Did he like it? No. Was it the right thing to do? Yes. And thatís where the lines are drawn in every situation.

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