What Is the Process of Studying in France?

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What Is the Process of Studying in France?

Imagine studying in a country where you can have peaceful strolls along the cobbled streets of Paris and simply soak up the romance lingering in its niches or where you can have bike rides through the stunningly beautiful villages of the French South lined with picturesque landscapes. Imagine! By being exposed to a new culture, language and people you can gain an experience of a lifetime. It can enrich your personality and broaden your horizons.There are a lot of benefits that come with studying abroad in France, so if you are a student looking for a diverse and dynamic environment to thrive in, let France be your next European study destination.

Why study in France?

France offers a sophisticated and polished academic experience with plenty of courses ranging from Medicine and Pharmacology to Art history and Linguistics to choose from. It has been the center of arts, philosophy and science for centuries and has produced some of the most famous thinkers like Descartes, Voltaire, Rousseau, Sartre and Beauvoir. France attracts over a million international students every year from around the globe, proving its status as a world-renowned study abroad destination.

How to get admission to France Universities?

If you want to get enrolled on some of the top universities in France then you must have a thorough knowledge of the admission requirements and the application processes that you have to follow to get into the universities of your choice. Before applying you can consider the prestigious Sorbonne University or the famous Grandes écoles known for their quality education in the heart of Europe.

France university admission processes are quite easy if you are already familiar with the procedures. For some universities, you can apply directly through their online admission portal. Remember that you need to apply to at least three different universities to increase your chances of getting in.

EU and EEA students are allowed to apply directly to any university they wish to apply to under the same conditions that apply to French students. Non-EU and EEA students may face some difficulty as they are required to pass the Demande admission préalable - the DAP (Preliminary Admission test) before applying to colleges in various parts of France. Keep yourself updated about the DAP and you can apply for it at the Culture and Cooperation Service of the French embassy in your home country. You are also supposed to apply through an online

application system known as the Study in France procedure where you can track the progress of your application and also apply for your student visa.

Cost of Studying in France

Earlier, studying abroad used to be a rich person's game but with new programs and plenty of scholarships being offered by the French government, the economical investment required for a study abroad venture in France is much lesser than it used to be.

Your entire budget reserved for studying abroad should not only cover your tuition but must also be sufficient for covering your food and accommodation costs, travel costs, utility costs and various other expenses that come with living abroad. And it would also depend on the kind of lifestyle you lead. Your weekly sustenance would depend on whether you shop for groceries from the outskirts of the cities or at a nearby local store which would cost even more. Part-time work options are available but it wouldn't be enough to cover all the expenses. The average tuition fee to obtain a bachelor's degree is around 170 EUR per year. This is the fee expected from students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland. As an international student, you may have to pay more for your studies. So, the best way to narrow down your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses is to apply for scholarships and grants provided by the French Ministry of Education.

Scholarships in France for Foreign Students

Walter Jensen Scholarship and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research are two of the most popular scholarships offered to international students. Apart from this, there is the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship for Master’s or Doctoral level studies in France, which carry a lot of significance. Outside of that there are many more privately funded and federally funded scholarships that you can apply for to make your study abroad dreams come true.

The CROUS Scholarship for foreign students is issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Students who meet certain social criteria can apply for this scholarship and avail the benefits. Local authorities such as regions, departments and cities also sponsor the education of foreign students in their city through certain scholarship programs. To sum it up, there are several scholarships in France with multiple benefits. Securing the opportunity for studying in France as a foreign student is no longer rocket science.

Explore and Enjoy

These are the years of your life you won’t get back. Studying in one of the most spoken places in the world, will not only enrich your academic life but give you exposure to the French galore that is full of art, romance and beauty you cannot get enough of. From French patisseries to French-pressed coffee, your academic journey in France will be the most memorable years of your life. If you don’t speak French, it would be advisable to sign up for a French course while you are there, so you can mix with the locals and befriend French people who can take you to the beautiful nooks and corners of the city and enrich your experience.

To conclude, if you are looking forward to studying abroad in France, your experience will be aspiring, enriching and inspiring. Indulge in the beauty of the city you study in while you excel academically and prepare yourself for better prospects. If you are unsure of how to get admission in france universities, contact GoToUniversity to pave your path into your dream college.

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