Why Is It Essential to Install Solar Pump Inverter?

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Why Is It Essential to Install Solar Pump Inverter?

Energy production is costly and challenging to do on your own. When your energy supply is down for a long time without a backup system, you are left helpless.A solar water pump system's functioning is managed by a solar pump inverter. To get the best power point tracking, you can modify the output frequency in real time based on the strength of the sunlight.

Overview of Solar Pump Inverter

A solar Pump Inverter is an off-grid inverter that can independently generate load and is not reliant on the electrical grid. But an off-grid inverter can only be powered by a battery. If there is sunlight, a solar-pumping inverter doesn't require a battery. It has a water level management system that is installed and performs a similar function to the battery in an off-grid system.

It has a frequency transformation feature that allows you to alter the frequency of the AC output. Furthermore, frequency fluctuates with sunshine intensity, which explains how a 1kW solar energy input may power a 4kW water pump.

The regulation of other devices' motor speed, pressure point, temperature, and speed variability are supported by solar pump drive. They provide the motor with strong protection, reduce pressure on valves, pipelines, and other related systems, and can help save a significant amount of energy while enhancing control and needing less maintenance due to little wear and tear.

Why is it Important?

1. Supply Of Electricity in Remote Areas

The solar pump inverter can obtain the energy directly from the solar panel system in place of requiring grid electricity to power a water pump. In isolated locations where it is hard to build a link to the power grid, it is the best method of supplying electricity.

2. The Best Irrigation Method

The solar system is a photovoltaic (PV) system that uses a solar pump inverter to perform an intrinsic process to transform solar energy into usable power.

A solar pump inverter is specifically made to operate water pumping systems with maximum effectiveness and dependability in harsh environments. It fixes all irrigation-related water input issues.

3. Reduces the Need for Energy

Utilizing resources that produce energy in order to carry out tasks or deliver services is known as energy consumption. An economy's foundation and the start of many industrial processes is energy.

4. GPRS Evaluates Water Quality and Quantity

Because its pressure sensor detects the water level anytime it dips, the solar pump inverter is the finest for GPRS water level surveillance. Users will be able to learn more about the water's quality by doing this.

Its special feature is the way it uses GPRS to track water levels. This type of monitoring also makes sure that no energy is spent pumping additional water.

5. Less Power Loss

The solar pump inverter uses 30% to 60% less energy than a normal motor drive because it suffers from lower power loss. The CPU converts the frequency of the solar pump inverters, which then automatically adjusts the voltage. It reduces electromagnetic interference, in theory. The anti-reverse mechanism, meanwhile, ensures that there will be no current leaks or electrical shocks.

What are the solar pump inverter's features:

  1. Watertight System
  2. Automatic Water Level Detection and Adjustment
  3. Reduced Defense Frequency
  4. Incredible Autonomous MPTT
  5. Off-Grid System
  6. Dry Run Defense Protection

Thanks to solar pump inverters, your solar-powered water pumping system will operate without interruption.

Farmers can use solar energy to generate their own electricity after installing a solar pump inverter. They are no longer concerned about their expensive electricity bills or how utilizing fossil fuels will affect the environment. The environment gets cleaner as farm output increases, increasing the farmer's income.

Veikong Electric

Veikong Electric is a professional AC drive and Variable Frequency Drive ( VFD ) manufacturer china that specializes in researching, manufacturing, and trading high, medium, and low voltage frequency inverters to provide their client with integrated system solutions.


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