How to Draw Cartoon Animals

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How to Draw Cartoon Animals

How to draw cartoon animals

The way this cartoon animal design is done looks great, but it could be even cuter if you add clothes to it. For some ideas, animals could be dressed in tiny hats or sweaters. These are just a few suggestions, but feel free to add more. The clothes could even be themed or matched for extra cuteness! What clothes could you dress these cartoon animals in?

Next, you might want to add a background to this cartoon animal sketch. This is another example of using your imagination when choosing the frame! If you are looking for some cute drawings, drawing for kids, cartoons drawing, animals drawing and many more, then you are at the right place.

Drawing animals

Step 1:

Who doesn't love cartoons? There are so many great cartoon characters entertaining people, young and old, and there are characters for all tastes and ages. Animals are a daily source of inspiration for cartoon characters, and learning to draw cartoon animals can be a fun way to create your own.

In the tutorial in front of you, we'll show you how to create your trio of adorable cartoon animals! By following our steps, you'll see how fun and easy it can be. With that, we can start this fun step-by-step guide on how to draw cartoon animals in just six easy steps!

Step 2:

With the outline of the head down, we can now start adding some facial details for this cute chipmunk in this step of our guide on drawing cartoon animals. Sooner, remove a few little ovals for the shapes of the sights. These will also have small details, like eyebrows above and around them, to give the chipmunk even more personality.

Then draw a large nose below the eyes and extend a few curved lines from the center of the base of the nose. These will form the squirrel's smiling mouth, and you can finish off this area with sharp teeth sticking out. Next, draw the top of the tassel that it will contain.

Step 3:

You are keen to complete this cute chipmunk before counting better animals to this funny animal creation. We'll draw the body of the squirrel you worked on to do this. Instead, pull a few little loops inside the look contours. You can then draw his little arms holding the tassel and finish that tassel while you're at it!

The body will be drawn with curved lines, and the legs will be short and rounded with tiny round fingers at the ends. Finally, add a little spiky tail in the back, and you're ready for step 4!

Step 4:

You already know it! We will add the following animals for this guide's next steps on drawing cartoon animals. In the previous steps, you saw how you could build up the different details to form the complete creature, so we'll cover the remaining two animals with a little less detail.

First, draw the head of the raccoon. This one will also be drawn with curved lines to give it a smooth look, but it will be wider on the sides. You can then draw facial details such as eyes, nose, and mouth as they appear in the reference image. Finish by drawing her little arms; then, we can add some final details in the next step.

Step 5:

This fifth stage of the tutorial resolve allows you to meet the raccoon while counting the last animal. Instead, use round bars for the raccoon's body and remove its short shanks and floors to conduct the pose. Next, we'll add the head of the little giraffe from behind the other two animals.

Also, you can use what you realized in the last phases of the lodestar to remove this giraffe's leader. This means starting with the outlines, then adding facial details and imperfections to finish. With the three drawn animals, you can add some extra details! These can include a few additional animals of your design or a fun background for those animals.

Step 6:

When coloring this drawing of a cartoon animal, we used a different color palette for each animal. This makes them look more like their real-life counterparts and creates a more exciting image. For the squirrel, we used light browns and yellows for the fur and belly. We also use different shades of brown for the tassel she is holding.

Next, we used a combination of light and dark gray for the raccoon and left its belly white. Next, we finished the giraffe with beige and light yellow colors. We chose these colors, but feel free to use any other color options you might have! Do this to take your cartoon animal drawing to the next level. These tips show how to make that cartoon animal sketch even better!

We show you three cute animals to draw for these cartoon animal drawings. It's a beautiful trio, but you can add more animals to the scene if you want! You can choose any animal you like and then translate it into the same cute style as we describe these three. It could be a traditionally cute animal like a rabbit or a squirrel! Or, you can make a less obvious creature like a rhino fit into the cute style.

It could be someplace like a wilderness or a grove, or they could be at an amusing birthday bash. This kind of picture would work in any setting you want, so be sure to try out all of your ideas! Finally, you can finish this cartoon animal design with some colors. We've shown you some pretty colors you could use, but you don't have to stick to them.

However, you will only use part of the process when choosing colors. You can also enhance the colors with the artistic tools and media you use to make them. This is another case where you can enjoy experimenting and trying several different approaches! What will you choose to finish it?

Your cartoon animal drawing is complete!

We hope you enjoyed creating a trio of beauties with this guide to drawing cartoon animals! In this guide, we wanted to make the process fun and show you how you can recreate other cute animals by breaking them down into small steps. Then you can create your unique images when you are done with this guide.

You can add details, draw fun backgrounds, or even design your cartoon animals. How will you show your creativity with what you've learned in this guide? If you enjoyed working with this guide, you'd be happy to know that we have many more to like on our website. We've got tons of excellent drawing guides and other fun art stuff to enjoy, so check back often and never miss them. When your cartoon animal drawing is finished and colored, we'd love to see it!

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