5 Small Business Accounting Problems & How to Solve Them

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5 Small Business Accounting Problems & How to Solve Them

Starting a small business may be exciting (if not demanding). However, there's so much to running a business; budgeting, hiring the right people, brand marketing, maintaining good relationships with clients and customers, and small business accounting. The pressure from these operations can be overwhelming for many business owners. That is why they fail in many other vital aspects. A significant aspect that suffers most is business accounting.

First, accounting is the systematic recording and analysis of a business's financial operations. Accounting is a critical function in any business, regardless of size. Although accounting may not be your passion, keeping your books organized is crucial to tracking your business's growth.

However, accounting is often overlooked by many business owners. Consequently, accounting issues from small to big begin to occur. These issues, if left uncorrected, may lead to more significant problems such as insolvency or business downsizing.

This article will cover the top five accounting problems you should be wary of so you will be prepared to handle and solve them.

Problem 1: Having Limited Accounting Knowledge
As a new business owner, it's understandable that you might have little or no knowledge of accounting basics. Still, a basic understanding of accounting is crucial to know how well your business is doing. Being familiar with these accounting practices is essential to growing your business sustainably.
However, if you're keeping your accounts yourself, it is best to seek help early on if you are unsure or overwhelmed. It will free up valuable time for you to focus on other business areas. 

Problem 2: Not Being Aware of Your Business's Financial Health and Stability 

As a business owner, it is always crucial that you have a clear picture of your business's financial state, whether you manage your books yourself or not. A basic understanding of accounting principles will help you know where your business stands financially. You need to take your cash, assets, and liabilities into consideration. Remember that having money in the bank doesn't mean your business is financially stable. First, compare the money in your accounts to your liabilities (loans, credits), then determine your business's true health.

Problem 3: You Don't Update Your Books Regularly 

You can't determine how your business is doing without accurate, regular bookkeeping. That's why you need to stay on top of your books and record all sales, expenses, and earnings regularly, no matter how small. It will ensure that you can keep track of cash flow, so you will know if you are making or losing money. Besides that, keeping a regular record of every transaction is a requirement by taxing authorities and government agencies. It will save you from fines and penalties.

Problem 4: You Seek Accounting Help from Someone Who Doesn't Understand Your Business

If you seek accounting help from someone who doesn't understand your business, there is a chance that you will be misinformed, which can result in errors in your accounting books. It is best to seek support from someone familiar with your business, like an accounting professional. With that help, you can fully understand the financial status of your business.

Problem 5: You Do Not Use Accounting Software

Managing your books manually is always the hardest. Certainly, after a long day's work, you are prone to making errors while making entries into your books. Minor errors in your financial accounts can lead to significant losses. But with the utilization of accounting software like Xero and Microsoft Excel, you can calculate your company's financial data in an automated way in less time and with minimal errors. Take advantage of modern solutions to old problems and find accounting software that suits your business needs.


Small Business Accountants Gold Coast - Minor business accounting problems arise from unregularly and inaccurate bookkeeping and accounting functions. It prevents you from knowing your business's financial stability, leading to poor business decisions. Also, a lack of accounting software may lead to unintentional errors in your accounting books. You can prepare to handle and solve these problems by being aware of them.

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