11 Reasons Why to Do 200 Hour Yoga Ttc in India

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11 Reasons Why to Do 200 Hour Yoga Ttc in India

Rishi and Munis have been practicing yoga in India since ages. Yoga has been spread to different parts of India, by the yogic gurus. So, if you plan to enroll in a 200 Hour Yoga TTC in India, you will come across various benefits. The comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training India helps you to transform into a complete new person. When you familiarize yourself with the  essence of yoga philosophy, and spirituality, you are able to create the right balance between your body, mind and soul. Daily pranayama, and asana practice help you to cleanse your body and improve your standard of living.

Best 11 Reasons to join a 200 hour yoga teacher training India? 

Below are the benefits of enrolling in a 200 hour yoga TTC in India

1. The authentic yoga culture

India is the homeland of yoga and it has been described in our vedas almost 5000 years ago during Indus valley civilization. Rishikesh is called the yoga capital of India. It is located on the banks of sacred river Ganga and foothills of Himalayas. This place has the essence of true yogic culture. In India you can learn yoga in the most holistic approach. 

The authentic yoga culture described in the old Vedas has been preserved in India for ages. 

2. The expert yoga Gurus 

India is the birthplace of yoga, the ancestors have been practicing asana, pranayama for years. You will get an opportunity to learn the yogic philosophy from the expert yoga gurus. They will help you with deeper yogic knowledge and yoga practices. You can gain invaluable insight about yoga history and philosophy. The Vedas and Upanishads have all the yogic philosophy preserved for years and this will give you an opportunity to learn at first hand. 

3.  Location

India's geographical location makes it unique. Located in the foothills of Himalaya's this place is called the Devbhoomi. Here, you will find spirituality, peace and the correct optimistic vibe that you are looking for. There are many places with breathtaking views. 

4. Affordable

In comparison to any other place in the world India offers affordable yoga teacher training programs. So, you can pick a yoga TTC in India at the most pocket friendly prices. From 200 hour yoga TTC to advanced yoga TTC program you can enroll in any.

5. The spiritual growth

A 200 hour yoga TTC begins with a spiritual celebration which helps you to learn about true yogic culture. 

With the ritual, cultures,mantras and havan  you will develop yogic skills physically mentally , emotionally and spiritually. It will let you explore yourself and your purpose in life. It helps you to learn about the 8 chakras of your life which helps in true enlightenment.

6. Exposure

From aerial yoga to ashtanga or Hatha yoga you will get an opportunity to grow as an individual. You can get exposure to both 200 hour yoga TTC, the foundation course or the  advanced level from recognised yoga retreats India. You can apply for weekend or monthly courses. 

You can get exposure to India values and cultures and you will learn many things here which are worth investing in. 

7. The yogic philosophy

When you complete 200 hour yoga the teacher in India you can experience the philosophies of Yoga. From experiencing spiritualities mentioned in the Vedas to witnessing the rituals in the temple. You can enjoy and appreciate the Indian rituals that are performed here for thousands of years. From songs to prayers to meditation the experience you will gain here will be in the most authentic form and will stay with you for a lifetime.

8. The like minded community

When you start your yoga teacher training journey in India you get in touch with the people with the same energy. Your company helps you to make this journey worthwhile. Apart from yoga practices you can also get involved in different activities like cycling, sightseeing, hiking or trekking.

9. The satvik Lifestyle

Once you start your yoga journey in India get an opportunity to explore the satvik Lifestyle. It means staying away from the glitters of the fancy world. This means balancing your life with a good immune system. 

This will help you to stay motivated, healthy and safe from any disease. A satvik lifestyle helps you to live in a simple and healthy manner. 

10. The cultural Lifestyle

India is a place where you will find people from different regions and religions coexisting together. Indian culture in itself teachers you so many things about the spiritual world.

11. The ashram life

In India you will more likely to stay at the yoga ashram which will help you to have a unique experience for lifetime. This experience will help you to dive deeper into the Yoga training and practices. Self discipline and structured way of living will become a part of your life. This will help you to experience a balance between your body and mind. You will also get the mental strength to deal with any challenges that are changing in your life.

India has so many things to offer to all the aspiring yoga students. From natural beauty to spirituality to history or philosophy.

Here you will find the best yoga retreat at the most affordable price with highly professional experts. You can learn the pure form of yoga here and can have once in a lifetime experience which will stay with you forever.

Once you start adopting the new healthy lifestyle in your life you will get the sense of peace, solace and satisfaction.

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