8 Top Saffron Alternatives You Should Consider

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8 Top Saffron Alternatives You Should Consider

Saffron is a versatile cuisine ingredient, and it can also be challenging to find in nearby stores and extremely expensive. Therefore, if your recipe calls for saffron, you probably need to substitute something else to keep your recipe and have a delicious meal.There is no need to worry because bulk saffron wholesalers & suppliers have gathered every saffron substitute available. The majority of these are not only simpler to find but also more affordable.The most effective saffron substitute is turmeric. But as you'll see in this lesson, there are other comparable components you may use as well, such as curry and safflower.

Saffron Substitutes

You should alter the ratio when using one of these items to substitute the saffron in your recipe in keeping with your preferences.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is the closest flavor and color match to saffron, and this substitute will give your cuisine a yellow hue and a mildly peppery, earthy flavor.Your tastes and the food you prepare will determine how much turmeric you need to use. If you use too much, your meal may have a stronger, less appealing earthy flavor. To be safe, you can use the same amount of turmeric as if you were using saffron.

2. Safflower

Safflower has a somewhat distinct flavor than saffron, but it works well in most recipes. If you don't want to dramatically alter your dish's taste, the blander flavor may be a positive thing.According to bulk saffron wholesalers & suppliers, safflower can replace it in several recipes, including soups, elaborate stews, cold salads, and sauces.Safflower may be more challenging to locate than other saffron substitutes, but you will be happy with the outcome if you do. Use 5 to 8 parts of the usual amount of saffron to get your safflower to have a comparable color.

3. Annatto

Saffron can easily replace with annatto powder, and you might not even notice the difference in some dishes. It has a darker color and is known as "poor man's saffron."You can use it simply in place of saffron if you purchase it in powder form. If you do manage to obtain annatto seeds, you will need to soak them for 30 minutes in oil or water before using the resulting liquid in your recipe.

4. Flowers of marigold

The Marigold flowers are another uncommon substitute for saffron. As they are simple to cultivate, even if you don't have much gardening knowledge, you can buy them in supermarkets or grow them in your garden.The dried Marigold flower petals can be crushed manually in the microwave or stove to create a powder. Your cuisine will acquire the desired yellow color if you use this powder instead of saffron.

5. Curry

Curry is a beautiful addition to many meals; you can easily substitute it for saffron. It is made by following various recipes, and numerous curry variants contain turmeric, the greatest substitute for saffron.Curry adds more flavor to food than saffron in quantity, so you might want to use less of it in recipes. It may flavor any meal, including soups, stews, stir-fries, and sauces. It is a common element in Indian food.

6. Paprika

You can easily substitute paprika powder for saffron if you don't have any in your home. If you enjoy hot paprika, you can also get non-spicy varieties that can wonderfully flavor your food.Regardless of the variety, paprika will give your food the exact color you desire, even if it is a little more intense than saffron. You must use as much paprika as you believe appropriate for your recipe and personal preference in terms of quantity.

7. Cardamom

Numerous recipes also work well with cardamom in place of saffron. It is a mixture of several seeds and a typical condiment in Indian food.You can use it to give your cuisine the saffron-like yellow hue, but you can also use it for its mouthwatering flavor.Cardamom can also replace saffron to produce a delicious dish. Do not be afraid to add a little more if you enjoy the flavor it gives your cuisine.

8. Calendula

There are around 20 different species of the plant known as calendula. This plant is available for purchase; you may dry the petals precisely like marigold flowers.Crush the dried flower petals into a powder and add it to your cuisine once it has dried. It won't impart the saffron's bitter flavor but will give your cooking the desired hue.

Is Saffron Replaceable with a Cheaper Option?

The above alternatives are even better for most consumers because they are all less expensive than saffron.Calendula powder and annatto powder are your best options if you're looking for much less expensive alternatives that give dishes a vibrant, golden hue similar to saffron.

Can Turmeric Be Used in Place of Saffron in Paella?

Turmeric is one of the greatest saffron substitutes for paella, and you may not even be able to tell the contrasts when using it successfully. Without using saffron, it will give your cuisine the color you desire.Additionally, you won't spend much money because turmeric is inexpensive. Turmeric remains the finest alternative to saffron among all the meals that call for it, including paella.Make sure you always have turmeric on hand as you use it in food in various ways. Further, it provides a variety of advantages to health.


As you can see, even without saffron, you can still prepare your favorite foods. Use one of the options listed in this manual in the quantities that seem right to you.Remember that not all of them will have the same flavor as saffron. However, it will alter your food's appearance to suit your preferences.It's crucial to pick the replacement that fits your preferences and fulfills your needs the best. Allow yourself to get innovative in the kitchen; you could even find that some substitutions taste even better in your meal than saffron does.

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