Newborn Care: What Should You Do to Welcome Your Baby in a Healthy Way

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Newborn Care: What Should You Do to Welcome Your Baby in a Healthy Way

24/7 infant care may completely upend your life. Utilise these valuable techniques to manage the added stress in your life. When you first bring your infant home, you can feel overwhelmed to use the term.

You may go on a new journey while caring for a newborn child. As you work to attend to all of your babyís requirements and form a relationship with them, thoughts like ďIím not prepared for this!Ē and ďHow could the hospital trust us with this beautiful lifeĒ could race through your head. Donít give up on what you have to do to care for your new baby. Here are fifteen excellent suggestions from new parents who have been in your position.

A baby may fill your life with a flurry of activity and delight, as well as a lot of worry and exhaustion. Whether you are a seasoned parent or a first-time parent, take into account these useful ways to manage stress.

First and Foremost, Limit Visitors

Itís possible that family and friends may surface to see your newborn. Tell them when you can visit and which days work best for you. Ask everyone who is unwell to remain at home, and make it mandatory for visitors to wash their hands before handling the infant.

While you obtain some much-needed rest, let reliable guests look after the infant.

Undoubtedly, everyone will be eager to meet the newborn. But you must politely restrict visits without coming across as unpleasant. 

Tell them that since the infant is prone to illnesses, it is better to be safe than sorry and be careful. This doesnít need a lot of explanation after COVID.

Hygiene: Something Thatíll Define The Next Few Years Of Your Baby

Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser before touching your infant. Because your babyís immune system is still developing, infection risk increases. Additionally, be certain that anybody else who wants to handle your kid has thoroughly cleaned their hands. A crucial tip for taking care of babies!

Having A Full Nightís Sleep

The best position for newborns to sleep in is on their backs on a hard surface without cushions, blankets, bumpers, or toys. This is the safest sleeping position to prevent sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS). 

As the primary caregiver, you are probably quite exhausted, which is one of the reasons raising a baby is so difficult. You wake up multiple times over the night to comfort your wailing infant. Fortunately, by the age of 2-3 months, the majority of infants begin sleeping through the night.

To sleep through the night is to remain asleep for around 6 hours. Although some infants take longer to achieve this milestone, all newborns ultimately learn to sleep through the night. Caring for a baby becomes considerably simpler as soon as you can obtain several hours of undisturbed sleep.

Feed On Every Demand And Need

During the early years, your baby will just need enough feeding and enough sleep. Sleeping will now be challenging since, despite your infant being expected to sleep for 16 to 20 hours each day, she may not do so continuously. Your baby will likely cry out for a meal every two hours or less. Be prepared to provide a meal immediately.

If you decide to nurse your baby, hold her correctly and make sure she has enough areola in her mouth to prevent air intake. Read on to learn about the advantages of comfort sucking.

Be prepared to work hard if you choose a formula. When you need to give her a feed, keep heated water in the thermos and make a new batch. Delete any residual material. If your infant hasnít eaten in more than five hours and has been dozing off, wake her up and give her a feed. Do not, however, force feed. Play, snuggle, and sing a lullaby with your baby if he or she wonít take a feed, and then try again later.

Umbilical Cord Care

The umbilical cord stumpís colour changes from birth to 1-2 weeks. It starts off looking gelatinous yellow and white, changes to a dried brown or black appearance, and then falls off.

As previously said, it is not advisable to utilise immersed baths to avoid infection. Dry cord care with little handling is part of the stumpís maintenance. To avoid causing too much discomfort or inflammation, parents should clean the area without using any alcohol or other chemicals.

Skin-To-Skin Contact Soon After Birth

After a newborn has received resuscitation, warm, dry stimulation is advised. Skin-to-skin contact must be made as soon as the baby is born and is healthy; this is crucial for bonding between the mother and the child. To maximise the success of breastfeeding, it must also involve starting the process.

The infant is examined by a medical professional after 1-2 hours, at which point erythromycin ointment, a vitamin K injection, and a hepatitis B immunisation are administered. According to WHO guidelines, the infantís first bath should be postponed to reduce the chance of hypothermia.


For proper newborn care, make sure you use baby care products once required. Itís essential to use tried-and-true things that are famous for maintaining a very high standard of quality and safety parameters when purchasing skincare products for your infant. After all, a babyís skin is sensitive and prone to dryness and irritation. To protect your newbornís body from external environmental irritants like dust and the usage of diapers, you must use skin care products that are gentle but effective. 

The Mamaearth baby product line includes everything you need for your childís skincare regimen, no matter what a new parent may need. Baby massage oil, soap bars, nourishing baby lotion, baby wash, and shampoo are available products in Mamaearth.

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