Types of Water Purifiers for Domestic Use

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Types of Water Purifiers for Domestic Use

Drinking water is necessary for good health, as is sipping filtered water, but having access to pure water is a utopian dream in this day and age. This is when the water filter comes into play. These purifiers will help you remove germs, bacteria, lead, and other contaminants from your water while also adjusting its pH level.Water is one of the natural resources that provide important minerals and nourishment to our bodies, but that does not mean that tap water from varied locations is good for everyone. Even though the pristine surface of tap water may deceive customers, consumers should remember to filter it before use.Nobody wants to invest money in a water filter only to discover that it answers a problem that they do not even have. But, with so many water filtration choices available, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your house - something that not only makes your water taste excellent but also removes the greatest number of impurities.

Types of water filters

First, you need to know what types of water filters are there and how they work in order to decide which one you need in your home-

  • Activated carbon

Adsorption is the foundation for understanding how activated carbon works. In opposition to absorption, which arises when one substance takes in or absorbs another, adsorption occurs when one material attaches to another while passing through. This is the basic constituent of activated charcoal or activated carbon.

  • Ion exchange

Ion exchange filters are composed of a substance that, when water runs through it, replaces one ion for another. Calcium and magnesium ions, which cause water hardness, are replaced by sodium ions in ion exchange. The water is thus "softened."Despite the fact that ion exchange can remove hard water as well as some radioactive chemicals, the filter does not remove organic debris, particles, or bacteria as effectively as other filtration methods.

  • Mechanical filter

The basic idea behind mechanical filtration is to employ a barrier to physically remove silt, debris, or other particles from water. Mechanical filters can range from simple mesh filters that filter out huge quantities of rubbish to ceramic filters with complex pore structures that allow hazardous organisms to be screened ultra-finely.

  • Ultraviolet light

UV water filtration systems use high-frequency light to disinfect water through a glass element. When water passes through the element, the light inactivates and eliminates living bacteria by interrupting their biological activity.Using UV light to treat viruses, bacteria, and protozoa in water is one of the safest and most effective methods. It does, however, have shortcomings: non-organic contaminants can block the light, rendering it ineffective.

  • Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the process of removing dissolved inorganic particles (such as magnesium and calcium ions) from water by forcing it via a semipermeable membrane under compression such that the water passes through but most of the contaminants are left behind (RO).To return water with as few contaminants as possible, reverse osmosis is commonly combined with other filters such as a mechanical filter and an activated carbon filter.

  • Ultrafiltration (UF)

Ultrafiltration, also known as UF, is a technique that uses thin fibers in a thin layer of material to separate water from other particles in the water. When water travels across the UF membrane, suspended particles, bacteria, and viruses attach to it, capturing and keeping them.

Based on your homeís water source, these are the filters you need to choose from.

Suggested brands of water purifiers one can choose from

The water purifier market is becoming competitive day by day but there are some common brands that have already earned the trust of people. Water purifier price in Bangladesh might be rising but there are some affordable ranges as well-

  1. Pureit

In Bangladesh, Pureit is one of the most widely used and recognized water filters. Nowadays. In most homes, you will see this brandís water purifier. The cost varies according to the product. The best water purifier price in Bangladesh, which is Pureit Classic, is Tk 3,499., is the most affordable of these filters.

  1. Kent

Kent is another well-known water filter brand. The Kent water filter is ideal for use in the home or in a small workplace. Kent comes in a variety of styles, including Kent Supreme, Kent Park, Kent Pearl, and Kent Gold. With a current price of Tk 3,500, the Kent Gold filter is less expensive than other filters. In three phases, the Kent Gold Filter cleanses water.

  1. Aqua pro

Aqua-Pro water filters are at the top of the list for filtering pollutants out of the water and have been popular in Bangladesh. Reverse osmosis aqua filters may remove a considerable proportion of hazardous microorganisms and contaminants from water. This one, in particular, has a water filtration system with five and six stages. The price of this filter is tk 18,500.

  1. Walton

The Walton WWP-RO12L uses reverse osmosis technology to filter water and remove dust, germs, odors, dissolved solids, and suspended particles. It also comes with a pH and chlorine control function. This filter has the technology of 5stage reverse osmosis. The pricing is really reasonable, at only tk 9000.

  1. Puricom

Puricom is one of the most innovative ROO technology companies. Puricom filters are classified by the sort of job they do. RO Systems, Zero Installation Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Direct Flow RO Systems, Smart Water Systems, Water Dispensers, Commercial and Industrial RO Systems, and Water Softeners are some of the options available. Only 18,000 tk will be charged.

  1. Drinkcan

Drinkcan is water purifying equipment that is ready to provide clients with the finest water possible. Drinkcan is manufactured using cutting-edge technological technologies. Reverse osmosis (RO), UV, Alkaline, TDS, and MF filtration are among the technologies used. Each one is healthy and secure. The cost of a Drinkan water filter is around 22,000 taka.

  1. Karofi

Karofi water purifying equipment with cutting-edge technology. Each Carofi machine is equipped with a storage tank. The majority of its devices, however, are stand-shaped. These are attractive, and the NSF-approved water storage tank operates automatically. The cheapest Karofi filter costs tk 11,000 taka.

In a nation like Bangladesh, where there is a lack of pure drinking water, a water purifier is a need, therefore pick your water filter intelligently based on your needs.

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