What Is the Complete Process of Eye Treatment in Ayurveda?

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What Is the Complete Process of Eye Treatment in Ayurveda?

The primary goals of Ayurveda are the avoidance of disease and healthy living. It is essential in the current environment because of its all-encompassing approach to lifestyle and health. One of the eight branches, "Shalakya Tantra," covers intensive eye treatment in ayurveda. It provides many easy ways to keep your eyes healthy. Even though these methods are outdated, they are useful and simple to implement in daily life to prevent lifestyle-related eye problems.

Ayurveda Logic for Eye treatment

The components of the eye are connected to elements, just as the entire body is made up of all the elements. The earth element governs the eye's muscles, the fire element the blood vessels, the air element the eye color, the water element the white of the eye, and the space element the tear glands and outlets. The Pitta Dosha's seat is in the eyes. Because the Pitta Dosha becomes progressively out of balance with age, the eyes are particularly under the control of the Alochaka Pitta.

Eye Treatment in Ayurveda

For a person's quality of life, eyes are essential. Despite the fact that they are the windows to the soul, most people do not give them much thought. When there is a problem and one seeks Ayurvedic treatment for eye disorders, the eyes often receive attention. Through excessive use of digital gadgets and excessive light exposure, we strain our eyes. Adequate eye care procedures are not frequently used to counteract this. Our eyes are negatively impacted by illnesses like diabetes that are made worse by bad lifestyle decisions and behaviors. The ancient Ayurvedic teachings discuss the care of the eyes. Healthy eye care practices assist maintain clear vision and healthy eyes.

Ayurvedic Methods to Cure Eyes

  • According to ayurvedic tradition, you should wash your eyes with cool water in the morning while also gargling with water. Never use water that is too hot or cold on your eyes.
  • An Ayurvedic remedy for improving eye vision is to stare intently at a ghee lamp that has been lighted with a cotton wick. It enhances eye shine and gives the eyesight more vigor. Cotton soaked in fresh goat's milk can be placed over weary eyelids to help them relax.
  • A drop of pure castor oil on each eye, combined with the oil given to the soles of the feet, is a straightforward Ayurvedic remedy for dry eyes.
  • Slices of cucumber are used as an eye treatment in Ayurveda to cool and moisturize the eyes. Typical components like Amla and Punarnava are used in ayurvedic glaucoma therapy. Glaucoma is classified as a Kapha Dosha issue in Ayurveda, which addresses all medical conditions holistically. In Ayurveda, it is treated both topically and internally with medicine. 
  • Ancient literature has spoken of herbal concoctions like Triphala as being used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance vision. The Triphala may be given orally or as Ayurvedic eye drops depending on the situation.
  • Ayurvedic medicine and specific yoga eye exercises can be used to enhance eye vision. The Sukhasana position must be maintained while rolling the eyes left, then right, then upward. This should be performed various times. 
  • Take periodic pauses from the computer when using it or when watching TV, and look away from the screen. You can also get some comfort for your eyes by focusing first on something close and then something far away. 
  • Ayurvedic dry eye treatments and a healthy diet should be employed to relieve the exacerbated Vata Dosha that leads to dry eyes. The greatest eye treatment in Ayurvedic is prevention.

 Ayurvedic Routine Principles

Ayurveda claims that by adhering to certain life principles, such as dinacharya, ritucharya, sadhvritta, and taking chakshyusya rasayana, eye problems can be avoided healthy and eyesight can be preserved for a long time.

  1. Dinacharya: According to Ayurvedic studies, adhering to a suitable dinacharya, or daily regimen, aligns us with nature's cycles and promotes general health.
  2. Ritucharya: Ritucharya, or seasonal routine, is a way of life, an Ayurvedic food plan, and discipline to deal with the effects of the changing seasons on the mind and body.
  3. Sadhvritta: The moral and behavioral guidelines known as sadhvritta enable people to live healthy, stress-free lives.
  4. Rasayana Chakshyusya: To enhance the condition and avoid eye illnesses, Chakshyusya Rasayana, or Ayurvedic medication for eyes, can be used in conjunction with other therapies and practices.

 To achieve enduring health and happiness, swasthavritta incorporates all aspects of dinacharya, ritucharya, ratricharya, and sadhvritta.
 Our environment, which contains an increasing amount of airborne toxins and pollutants, presents a significant deal of danger to the health of our eyes. To reduce some of the hazards, it is essential to practice regular eye care and use eye treatment in Ayurveda.

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