New Features in Microsoft Ads & Other Digital Marketing Updates

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New Features in Microsoft Ads & Other Digital Marketing Updates

At the 2021 Elevate Summit, Microsoft Advertising launches new features, Facebook joins the audio room game, and Google Ads introduces dynamic exclusion lists.

On this week's blog of Prism, one of the best Advertising agencies in Dubai discusses all of the latest features coming to Microsoft Advertising, as well as a new Facebook feature that we love to see (or hear!).

Google Ads is now making it easier to organize bid strategies and adding dynamic placement exclusions.

Microsoft Advertising is getting some new features.

At the 2020 Elevate Summit, Microsoft revealed a slew of new features, including:

  • Import Facebook campaigns into Audience Network.
  • Advertisements in video format.
  • has a new private search technology.
  • Ads that compare prices.
  • Extensions for video ads.
  • Ad units for hotels and tourism that are dependent on feeds.
  • Share of impressions that you want to achieve.
  • Tools for creating landing pages.
  • Smart promotions that are unified.
  • And a lot more!

Google Ads Reorganizes Its Bid Strategy

Google Ads' Ginny Marvin confirmed that the organization of bid strategies for search campaigns will be updated. Target CPA will be a form of maximizing conversion value bidding, while Target ROAS will be a type of maximize conversion value bidding.

You'll need to add the goal CPA and target ROAS columns to reports to see what bid tactic a campaign is currently using.

In an email exchange, Google stated that the machine learning that underpins the Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies will remain unchanged. The bid techniques will continue to work as before, but advertisers will be able to set them up in a slightly different way.

The aim of this move, according to Google, was to provide more transparency for advertisers. Advertisers have told Google that they aren't really sure which bidding strategy to use, and the hope is that this move will make that decision easier.

Google Ads would soon have dynamic placement exclusions.

Google also revealed that complex exclusion lists will be available shortly to help marketers better manage campaign placements.

Advertisers would be able to access lists from third parties, such as brand safety associations, and update them as often as they see fit. Up to 20 mutual exclusion lists with tens of thousands of URLs and domains per list will be allowed for each account.

Placement exclusion lists that are dynamically modified to make placement management easier are known as dynamic exclusion lists. Advertisers can also opt into third-party lists and have their exclusions automatically changed for ongoing brand security using this function. Web pages or whole domains can be excluded from dynamic exclusion lists, which can be uploaded in a variety of formats.

Facebook is introducing new audio features.

Facebook will introduce an audio-only edition of Rooms, which will be accessible from the top of the news feed, conversations, and a new Rooms tab.

Audio Rooms can be made public or private, and there are plans to monetize them. Creators will also be able to save and post the audio from their live conversations as a podcast on Facebook.

Users will be able to use features such as speech-to-text, sound effects, voice effects, and filters with a new in-app audio development tool.

The audio meeting app is seeing huge usage traction as people search for ways to replace IRL meet-ups during the pandemic, indicating that Facebook was always going to copy Clubhouse in some way.

And, given Facebook's vast scope and well-established presence in many people's lives, it may pose the most immediate threat to Clubhouse's development - particularly given the breadth of tools Facebook has announced.

Clearly, Facebook sees a lot of promise in these new features, and although they'll only be available in limited quantities at first, their launch marks the next step in Facebook's audio drive, which could become a big part of the overall Facebook experience.

This Week's Take

Mike Ryan explains why it's important to select your keyword match form carefully.

In Case You Missed It

Cole Soldwisch discovered a new automated recommendation option (with a shorter review window) that you might want to disable.

PSA: I discovered this when creating a new @MSFTAdvertising account.

On setup, “Auto-apply Multimedia Ads” was pre-selected. Until auto-applying, you have 7 days (not 14!) to approve or reject suggested advertising.

It's worth a quick search of your accounts' settings.

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