Using A Good Social Media Strategy To Reach B2B Marketing Goals

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Using A Good Social Media Strategy To Reach B2B Marketing Goals

As marketing and Martech trends change, having a strong B2B social media strategy is becoming extremely important. B2B marketers must not only maintain a strong social media presence but also drive marketing ROI through a more targeted and personalized approach, to understand more about a product's capabilities, the majority of today's B2B customers resort to internet channels, reviews, self-explainers, and social media.

Here are a few top benefits of ensuring you have a robust social media strategy for marketers and company executives, especially new Martech entrants or tech startups who do not have a strong social media approach:

It's where your clients are.

Customer experiences in business-to-business (B2B) are changing constantly. B2B customers today not only expect seamless and consistent marketing messaging and brand interactions across multiple channels (website, app, social media, email, etc. ), but they are also more present and active across multiple online channels themselves because they use online channels to share their own feedback, check peer reviews on products, ask questions, compare products and services with competitors, and so on.

Brands with value-added social media updates and posts that are relevant to their target audience's interests will not only catch their attention but will also project a better brand image and online presence.

The majority of your B2B competitors are already on social media.

Social media is now being used by B2B businesses to reach out to particular client categories and drive certain types of customer interaction. If your rival has a strong social media presence and often hosts interactive events such as polls and quizzes, they are leveraging channels that your consumer is already utilizing to build a stronger relationship.

Lead generation and sales pipelines are boosted by social media.

Certain social media channels (like LinkedIn, which is a hot favorite for most B2B marketing and salespeople) can be used to drive strong lead generation campaigns that reach the right audience base with effective planning and tying your social media strategy to tangible and clearly measurable goals and outcomes.

Insights from social media may teach you a lot about your prospects and consumers.

Social media data may assist you in understanding the behavior of your customers and prospects (are they more active on sites like LinkedIn or do they seem more approachable and interactive on Twitter, for instance). Social media analytics and statistics may also assist social media marketers and marketing executives in determining what kind of content is being consumed by their audiences, as well as which types of content they appear to prefer. These data may also assist experienced marketers to develop strong marketing plans that tie these insights into overall marketing goals and ROI by re-marketing or engaging their most engaged social media users through other channels like email.

Maintaining a strong social media presence has several advantages. B2B marketers may create ROI from social media marketing by leveraging data and solid social media tactics to drive eventual marketing ROI and relate efforts to overall business goals.

What does it take to develop a data-driven, return-on-investment (ROI) social media marketing strategy?

Here are some simple recommended practices to get you started:

  • Recognize your clients and prospects' regions.

Spray-and-pray marketing is never a good strategy; today's customers and prospects demand more from the companies that reach out to them than a generic approach. LinkedIn is frequently seen as high-priority marketing, sales, and even social media platform in B2B and IT marketing. LinkedIn is used by top IT marketers and salespeople to enable targeted approaches and segmented messaging based on their prospects' profiles.

Understand which platforms you want to utilize to really start relevant conversations and which channels you merely want to maintain a social media presence before beginning on a social media campaign.

This will assist a social media team in understanding how to create tailored and relevant campaigns for each channel based on the channel's goal.

  • Align your social media goals with your overall marketing and business goals. 

Far too many businesses rely on social media to just maintain their online presence. But how much of the information or articles being pushed out as part of this effort are actually relevant to what actual customers want to consume? Is it having an effect on them?

Maintaining a social media presence is important, but linking social media execution plans and efforts to end objectives aids in the development of stronger execution strategies and social media messaging.

Aligning social media efforts to marketing ROI based on predefined parameters allows social media teams to evaluate their own results and influence the entire company.

  • Know what you're evaluating.

How will you determine your true social media ROI? Vanity metrics, such as the number of Twitter followers obtained in a month, cannot be used to determine the true commercial impact of social media.

Advanced marketing teams and marketing executives must determine what they need to measure in order to achieve the primary marketing and business objectives.

For example, you might opt to use a different social media strategy to support your account-based marketing campaign, which would need to measure a new set of metrics to determine how effective your social media strategy was.

  • Various social media profiles for various purposes 

Some of the most well-known technology companies, such as Salesforce and Adobe, employ this to increase social media engagement and traffic. Salesforce has over ten official Twitter accounts, and several companies with many services and products, such as Google and Microsoft, use LinkedIn's showcase sites to host multiple pages for various purposes or communities.

This helps companies retain a common theme while driving effective social media conversations and postings depending on specific goals.

Are you ready to use social media to start valuable customer conversations?

When it comes to social media, like with everything else in marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. More social media ROI may be driven by a better alignment between social media teams and marketing leaders.

A more efficient social media approach is a must in a market where consumers and prospects have 24/7 access to content from many companies. Using data, the appropriate analytics, insights, and tactics, social media marketers may really assist in increasing pipelines and customer dialogues, therefore adding value to the company as a whole

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