6 Must Avoid Mistakes in Mobile E-commerce App Development

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6 Must Avoid Mistakes in Mobile E-commerce App Development

Mobile eCommerce applications are leading in the digital space bringing new opportunities for brands and businesses to accomplish in this era. If you need to develop a mobile application for your online business, you should read this blog.Some of the basic instant mobile eCommerce design and development mistakes that you will come across are-

Not considering multi-device compatibility

Multiple device compatibility is very crucial in the age of smartphones. You need to ensure that your mobile eCommerce application should be accessible through any device and platform alike. The mobility of your app will enhance the shopping experience of your target audience as well as help them interact with your brand smoothly. The more responsive your mobile eCommerce app, the better will be your visibility digitally.

Poor shopping cart design

In a mobile eCommerce application, a shopping cart is an integral part of user experience and interaction. A shopping cart allows all your app users to-

  • Add multiple products
  • Revise the quantities of the products
  • Remove the products at the same time
  • Maintains transparency for app users
  • Edit the product quantity
  • Help in reminding the app user of the latest discounts and coupons
  • They are also useful in adding items to the cart without leaving the existing page
  • Can view the shipping charges before they move ahead with the checkout process

If you have a poor shopping cart design flow in your mobile eCommerce application, your users might get confused and frustrated. Hence, this will result in poor user engagement.

Complex checkout procedure

Every mobile eCommerce application needs the checkout feature that will enable users to look out for what they need. Checkout is very integral to every eCommerce application, especially for mobile users. But if you have a lengthy and complex checkout process, there is a chance of users leaving your app.

You must look out that your app has a simple checkout process where users can-

  • Add the details of the payment
  • Make the payment
  • Payments options are available with a proper distribution like shipping charges, taxes, etc.
  • Place the order

You can encourage your customers by cutting down the checkout process.

You need to include a single page checkout process where the customer can-

  • Check the order details
  • Enter shipping details
  • Review the billing information

If you add more steps between the shopping cart and checkout process or let them make a payment, you are making a clear path for your users to leave the page without making a purchase decision. You need to ensure that at the end there should be a confirmation page before they place the order. If you want to add more steps, make sure that the process is clean and quick and that the users can complete it faster.

Insufficient payment options

In every mobile eCommerce application, the payment process is crucial when app users make a purchase decision. Every application has a feature where it allows its users to make payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, or through popular payment gateways like PayPal, etc.The lack of multiple payment options for your target audience is now a compulsory and integral part of every online business. For the convenience of your app users, you need to offer varied payment options in the checkout process. This way you can enable the customers to enjoy the flexibility of the payment system. This way they can use their preferred channel for payment seamlessly.With an improved and effortless payment system with multiple options, the conversion rate will increase simultaneously. Thereby, increasing your customer base and optimizing the number of orders you receive through the app.

Confusing user navigation

Effortless user navigation that can promote user experience and design architecture of your mobile eCommerce application. Developing and designing a mobile application to grow your online business should always include user-friendly design. User navigation is not only displaying products but also representing them in your app. The representation of the app should be widely adopted and should have an easily understandable hierarchy.If your user navigation is complex, then it might confuse your users. The primary aspect of navigation is that the users can easily reach the products or services or the pages they are searching for.You need to design an informative architecture before creating the navigation menu. Then you need to define the parent categories, subcategories, and products or services by listing them in a proper hierarchy.To make your user navigation more user-friendly, you can show your products or service by providing a list of the customer. Then you can separate them by considering main categories and subcategories to make it more simple for users to find their intended products and services.To make your navigation flow precise, you need to make sure that the categories should not empty. It should at least have one to two items listed under them. You can also differentiate product categories and catalog them carefully by selecting the generic category for each of them. Then find the right category for them and accordingly design the navigation flow with the help of any mobile app development service provider in India.

Scalability of product images

Every eCommerce business application has a limited budget set out to run the app. You need high-quality, properly sizable images and photos of the product. The investment to stock these images requires quite an investment. You need proper resources like photoshoots of the products, which you need to sell on the online store. You need to click product photos from different angles so that your user can visualize the product.To attract more customers and user engagement, you need product photos with a high resolution. This will immensely impact the user experience and interaction on the app. You can easily have a better conversion rate and boost user experience.Low-quality, small-sized eCommerce product images will only increase the bounce rates. Do remember that while selling your product or services through applications, users cannot directly enjoy a physical experience. Users cannot touch, view, or check out the product physically. Therefore, large-size images with high resolution and zoom-in and out functionality will help in better product clarity.

To conclude

You need to build a successful mobile eCommerce application that suffices all of these above criteria and functionalities. The above listed are common mistakes that could impact your business and brand. You can leverage the suggestion provided, for developing a highly interactive and intuitive mobile app for your eCommerce and boost your conversion rate.

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