Will Apple Release Ios 14 Security Updates After the Launch of Ios 15?

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Will Apple Release Ios 14 Security Updates After the Launch of Ios 15?

Apple usually does not launch updates for an older iOS version after launching a new one. However, they had recently decided to keep rolling out security updates for iOS 14 after iOS 15 is launched. 

Now, that indicates that you should be able to get security patches for your iOS 14 system. But, for new features, you would have to update to iOS 15. 

This decision was probably made due to the popularity of iOS 14 among iPhone users. However, people might be still confused regarding iOS 14 security updates. 

Many iOS 14 users have reported that they cannot find security updates. Here, you should find the answers to all questions you might have regarding the matter.

How to Get iOS 14 Security Updates on Your iPhone?

The first question you might have is how to get the security updates for your iOS 14 system. If you are wondering, you can get it in the usual way you get any updates on your iPhone. 

Go to the Settings menu and open the General section. Click on Software Update to look for the updates available for your device. You should find the options to get iOS 15 or an iOS 14 security update there. Reach out to iPhone Repair Dubai to fix any issues preventing updates on your device. 

Click on Download and Install to get the update you want, in this case, the security update. However, you might not get iOS 14 updates if you have not installed the latest one already. 

What Happened to iOS 14 Security Updates?

The iOS 14.8.1 is the latest update for iOS 14 that was available to users. And, your iPhone would have shown the option to install it if you had looked for an update earlier. But, from what it seems, this option is not available anymore. So, you only have the option to download and install the iOS 15 system. 

Why Should You Keep Using iOS 14?

The iOS 14 was one of the most significant major updates for the iOS system. It brought along a lot of changes to your iPhone. 

Here are the most important features that make it worthwhile to keep using iOS 14: 

App Library

Earlier iOS versions did not allow you to view all installed apps on one screen. But, you get this feature on iOS 14 and all of its updates. And, that makes it much easier for you to manage and access the installed apps. You can divide the apps based on their categories with this feature. 

Picture-in-Picture Feature

The picture-in-picture mode is a new addition to the iPhone that iOS 14 brought along. As you probably know, this feature allows you to view other screens while streaming a video. 

You can also use this feature while on a video call. A wide range of apps on your iPhone, including Face Time would support this feature. Also, it would hopefully continue in iOS 15 systems as well. 

App Clips

This feature lets you download smaller versions of apps to save your device storage space. Moreover, this app version would come with all its core functions. So, you need not download the entire app unless you want the additional functions. 

Virtual Car Key

The Car Key is yet another new addition that iOS 14 brought to iPhones. As the name suggests, you can use your phone as a car key with this app. Apart from using it yourself, you can also share the car key with another person. 

Enhanced Voice Command Function

The iOS 14 made Siri much smarter than the earlier system versions. You would surely feel the difference if you have used iOS 13 and older systems. And, this is surely one of the most significant features launched with iOS 14. 

What does iOS 15 have to Offer You?

It is understandable if you want to stick to iOS 14. But, there are good reasons to update to iOS 15 as well. After all, it has many new features and enhancements for your iPhone. 

Here are some noteworthy additions you would find:

Voice Isolation and Spatial Audio

The iOS 15 can improve your FaceTime experience significantly with spatial audio and voice isolation. The voices from the other end would sound as if they are coming from where the caller is located. Users, who have been waiting for iOS 15, would surely like this feature. 


This is yet another feature aimed at enhancing your FaceTime experience. You can now share various media files while on a video call. And, that allows you to watch movies or listen to music with the caller. You can also invite your friends to a FaceTime call for that by sharing a link. 

More Key Types

As we have seen, iOS 14 allows you to store your car key. But, you can store innumerable types of keys with the iOS 15. And, that includes keys for hotel rooms, offices, homes and more. Moreover, you can also store your driverís license in the Wallet app now. 

3D Maps With More Details

The iOS 15 also brings your iPhone 3D maps, among other great features. Moreover, you would also find the maps more detailed than ever. You can view buildings, crosswalks, and more on iOS 15 maps to give you some idea. 


The new Focus feature allows you to block notifications from specific apps during specific parts of the day. You can set the time during which you want to avoid a specific type of notification. If you block messages, the sender would automatically receive a message telling them about that. 

Should You Stick to iOS 14?

iOS 14, as we have seen, was surely a major update for iPhones. But, further security updates for it seem to have been cancelled. So, you would only get the option to update to iOS 15 now. Looking at what it offers you, it is worth getting the iOS 15 on your device. 

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