Axo Oxford Circus: A Suitable Place to Say for International Students in London

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Axo Oxford Circus: A Suitable Place to Say for International Students in London

Some popular cities in this regard are Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, and of course London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. These are just a few examples. Many other cities in the nation are also active in providing superb quality education to overseas students.
So, there is a great demand for accommodation among students in different cities in the UK. There is no shortage of places to stay in the United Kingdom. The UK has a great experience in hosting international students so you can easily find some best places for student accommodation Oxford, London, Edinburgh, Cambridge, etc. All the places for accommodation provide the amenities as per the modern tastes. However, the amenities may vary from property to property where your accommodation is located.
Let’s have a look at a property meant for students in the capital city London. AXO Oxford Circus is one of the properties that offer accommodations to students getting education in London. Don’t get misled by the word “Oxford” used in the name. It is not a property located in Oxford, but you can find it at the address “2 Devonshire St, London W1W 5DB”.
Here are some of the major features of AXO Oxford Circus London.

A Studio-Based Property

The studio is one of the major types of accommodations for international students in the UK. AXO is a studio-based accommodation with six types of studios. The studios have been categorized into Bronze Studio (18 sqm), Silver Studio (19 sqm), Gold Studio (23 sqm), Gold Plus Studio (24 sqm), Platinum Studio (26 sqm), and Platinum Plus Studio (27 sqm). 
Living Room Area and Kitchen
In the living room area of the studio, you find a big dining table with a sofa on one side. There are some chairs with a dining table on the three sides so students can sit and can have meals comfortably. The kitchen area is available on another side.

There is a fridge between the kitchen and living room here along with the wall, so you can keep your eatables fresh, cool water, freeze the ice, make the ice cream, etc. In the kitchen, you find a microwave and a cooking hob to prepare the meals as per your wish and heat them whenever required.
A television is also in the room so you can watch your favorite TV shows, news, sports, music, discovery programs, and more.
A wardrobe can also be found here to keep your clothes and other assets.

Some Other Aspects of Studios

A double bed is available in the bedrooms. Besides, students find a lot of storage space here. There are multiple wardrobes in a studio so students can keep their assets comfortably. There are also ensuite bathrooms in studios.

Study Area / Workstation

The study is a major concern of students who are in London for getting education. Therefore, some wonderful student arrangements are also offered to students.
There are study areas or workstations in all the studios with study tables and chairs. So, students can do their regular studies, make notes, and prepare for their exams in the study areas.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection

The necessity of the internet is known by everyone today and when it comes to students it becomes more essential. Many universities and colleges offer online lectures today for which the internet is needed by students. Besides, they can complete their assignments & projects, watch video tutorials, get text lessons, and can do a lot of things that help them in their studies.
Therefore, a Wi-Fi internet connection has been provided to students in each studio through which they can connect the internet to their gadgets. Through the internet, they can accomplish their study-related tasks successfully plus can use the internet for other tasks. In the other tasks, we can count entertainment, communication, online shopping, social media involvement, and more.
The Wi-Fi connection available here is inclusive of bills.

Heating Service

In cold nations like the UK, heating is needed in the winter season. The heating service is available in the rooms here, which is inclusive of bills.

Security Features

Students and their belongings are fully safe in AXO. This property is under the monitoring of CCTV cameras. Besides, a secure door entry is provided to every student.

Covid Measures

The world is facing Covid pandemic since 2020. So, the Covid measures have been taken here for the safety of students.  


In a nutshell, AXO Oxford Circus is a suitable students’ property according to the present-day requirements.

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