Foundry Georgian: Best Place to Stay in Barrie for Students of Georgian College

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Foundry Georgian: Best Place to Stay in Barrie for Students of Georgian College

Foundry Georgian – this is the name of a popular accommodation in Barrie where a large number of international students come to stay. Barrie is a fabulous city in Southern Ontario, Canada. It is situated 90 km north of Toronto. The main campus of Georgian College, a college of applied arts and technology, is located here.

Georgian College is not only famous among the local students but a wide range of international students can also be witnessed in this college. Foundry Georgian Barrie is located within just 12-minutes’ walking distance from Georgian College. Besides, you can reach within just 1 minute to this college from Foundry Georgian by drive.

Accommodations in Foundry George and Facilities Available for Students inside Them

Foundry Georgian offers 5-bedroom student apartments with ensuite rooms. Another type of accommodation available here is a 5-bedroom townhouse. Both types of accommodations have all the facilities required by students of today.

First of all, you get study tables and chairs in the accommodations in Foundry George. So, you are facilitated to study with full comfort and in the right posture while living here.

Besides, a Wi-Fi internet connection is also available in every unit. So, you don’t need to depend upon your mobile data for the internet. You can link your computer to the internet laptops, mobile phones, and tablets easily through Wi-Fi. You can complete your study-related tasks through it and accomplish other things also such as online shopping, entertainment, communication, social media involvement, and more. Moreover, a broadband internet connection is also available for students at this place. The internet connection is inclusive of bills.

On the other hand, you also get excellent dining features here.Throughout each unit, there is a kitchen with a microwave, oven, and fridge.

Some other facilities you get inside your accommodations are a wardrobe, bed, TV, air conditioner, heating, etc.

Facilities Available in the Complex of Foundry George

Foundry George provides a number of facilities to students for their fun, fitness, and many other needs. Below, you can read some popular features available in the complex of this place for student accommodation Barrie.

1. Gym

A fully equipped gym – this is the need of a large number of students in the present scenario. Foundry George is a perfect place for students who like to do regular workouts. It has a gym that is equipped with all types of advanced workout machines.

So, students who have a gym routine at their native place can continue it at Foundry. On the other hand, those who haven’t made a gym routine yet can start it here due to the easy availability of the gym.

2. Basketball Court

Playing sports is a perfect way to stay fit while having fun. For the sports lover students, a basketball court has been provided at the property.

3. Study Room

You need a special place when you wish to study without disturbance. It may be your examination days or any other time when you are committed to your studies.

To provide the facility for disturbance-free studies to students, a special study room is available in Foundry.

4. Outdoor Area

Roaming in the fresh air is also a great source of good health without any second thought. There is an outdoor area available in the complex of Foundry where you can roam freely during your spare time. You can also meet other residents here and can make new friends.

5. BBQ

If you are a lover of grilled food, then you can enjoy it here. A BBQ is also available here for lovers of grilled food or different types of foods.

6. Table Games

The facility to play indoor table games like foosball (table football) is also available in Foundry. It allows you to have great fun with friends.

7. Common Area

A number of students who come to study in Barrie have a keen interest in making new friends. This friendship starts with housemates. But, to make a bigger circle, you are also required to meet other residents in Foundry George.

This property has a common area where students can meet each other and make new friends. On the other hand, the common area is one of the best places for students to help each other in their studies.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ones are some significant features you find in Foundry George in Barrie. You can book a room here without any difficulty now with the help of the websites of student accommodation service providers.University Living is one of the best accommodation service providers in the present scenario. On the website of University Living, you can read the details of the property and can book easily.  

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The University living provides all needed virtual help to find, compare and book student accommodation of choice in the city of dreams. The rooms available whether, ensuite or studio or an apartment room, there is every choice available with our 24/7 support staff to assist you in all levels of you

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