The Switch Adelaide: A Studentsí Property With Proximity to Universities in Adelaide

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The Switch Adelaide: A Studentsí Property With Proximity to Universities in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and is the fifth most populous city of Australia. The city was named in the honor of Queen Adelaide and today it has gained popularity for a number of facets.One of the most popular aspects of the city is the higher education. When someone completes his or her schooling, getting admission to some excellent university or college remains his or her dream. Some students like to get admitted to an institution in their native places, whereas, there are some others, who go through various other options.Some students consider another state in their home country, whereas some others like to get enrolled in a university or college in the city in an overseas nation. Some of the cities of the world have gained a good rapport for providing quality education to international students. Adelaide is one of the cities where a large number of individuals can be witnessed in its student halls.

A major university that you find in this city is the University of Adelaide. The University of Adelaide offers many undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, which are internationally recognized. Today, when the degrees of Australian universities are getting widely popular, the graduate and postgraduate degrees issued by this university help you in building a great career.

So, a large number of students can be seen in this internationally recognized university. If you have also been enrolled in this university then you will definitely be able to get great opportunities. Now, the major thing that you need is to book student accommodation Adelaide.

There are a number of properties available today, which are offering accommodation to students in Adelaide. If you get accommodation at the property within walking distance from the university then it will add the cherry on the cake.

Letís have a look at some important features of a property named The Switch Adelaide, which fulfills this requirement as well as some other needs of the modern-day international students.

The Switch Adelaide Ė Property near the University of Adelaide

The Switch Adelaide offers student accommodation near University of Adelaide. You can reach the university within 2 minutes on foot. So, it will not be wrong to say that while living in The Switch Adelaide, you will be in proximity to the University of Adelaide.

Distance from Other University in Adelaide

If you are not a student of the University of Adelaide and got enrolled in some other universities in the city, then also you have no need to worry. Some other universities and colleges are also located at a close distance to this property.

For instance, you can reach the University of South Australia within 12 minutes on foot and 9 minutes by drive. Besides, the Adelaide campus of Torrens University Australia is just a 13-minutesí walk away from here and you can reach there by drive within 5 minutes.

Australian Catholic University is a bit far from here and it takes 41 minutes in reaching there on foot. But, you can reach there within 13 minutes by drive.

Luxury Studios and Apartments in The Switch Adelaide

The Switch comprises some luxury studios and apartments. There are three types of studios available here, which have been categorized as Studio, Premium Studio, and Accessible Studio.

Apartments are available in five types, which include Cosy 2 Bedroom Apartment, 4 Bedroom Apartment, 2 Bedroom Ensuite Apartment, 4 Bedroom Ensuite Apartment, and Premium 4 Bedroom Apartment.

Amenities at The Switch Adelaide

The Switch Adelaide has everything according to the needs of modern-day students related to studies, fun, fitness, dining, etc. So, you get a society-like feel while living at this property. Some of the popular arrangements you get here can be read below.

1. Studies

Students get workstations with study tables and chairs. So, they can study and work in the right environment with full comfort.

2. Dining

In a kitchen, students find a microwave, an oven, and a fridge to enjoy delicious meals, cold drinks, etc.

3. Fitness

A gym fully equipped with modern workout machines is also available at this property, so students can make their workout routines.

4. Fun

There is a television in each unit, so students can have entertainment with their favorite shows along with watching the news.

5. Garden/Courtyard 

There is also a garden/courtyard where residents can roam and can have fresh air.

6. Internet

Study, entertainment, communication, shopping, funds transfer, and there are a lot of other things for which the internet is needed today. So, students get broadband and Wi-Fi while living at this property.

7. Security

The phone-activated door lock is a special security feature at this property. Besides, CCTV cameras are installed on the entire property. A 24/7 security staff is also appointed for the safety of the students and their belongings.


The Switch Adelaide is definitely an excellent place to stay for the students in every aspect. Students get first-rate facilities, luxury studios & apartments, wonderful security features, and a short distance from universities while living here.  

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I am Henry Thomas working as a Digital Marketing Manager in University living. University Living is a student accommodation provider all over the world.

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