Types of Student Accommodation and Factors to Consider While Choosing One

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Types of Student Accommodation and Factors to Consider While Choosing One

Students can choose between different types of available student accommodation. There is a wide variety on the market, and it can be a little confusing if you are looking for housing in a new place for the first time. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages, but all are equally viable as long as they are approved by your university. This is the only way to ensure high standards throughout your stay.

Different types of student housing options include: 

Privately rented houses and rooms

These are the most common and popular accommodations for students. They are usually managed by landlords as properties in the private rental sector. Depending on the size of the building, students usually share student rooms with several roommates. They are usually located in neighborhoods with a high concentration of students, but can also be part of more diverse areas. Quality can vary widely, and it is always better to rent private houses from landlords that are accredited by your university. Through reputed online property websites, you can find properties in your area that meet high standards.

Houses and rooms managed by universities

These are properties owned by universities and colleges that may look similar to regular houses/apartments but usually have a standardized appearance and amenities. Students often apply through their university's housing offices via a waiting list. Universities may offer student apartments in building managed by the universities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

University Hall of Residence

Another popular choice is rooms in the university hall of residence. These are usually located on campus and may even include meals in the on-site dining halls. Residence halls are primarily home to first- and second-year students.

Private Residence Halls

These are purpose-built dormitories that, like university dormitories, are owned, operated, and managed by private companies. They are often centrally located and have all the amenities you need as a student, but are often the most expensive option. Make sure to find out what your rent includes.

House/shared flat

After your first year of university, you will most likely be moving into a house or shared flat, preferably with a group you have made friends with during your first year of university. If you rent a flat with this (hopefully) close-knit group, the price will likely go down a bit, but the fun should be a notch or too higher.

If you choose this option but do not have anyone to room with at the moment, that's not a problem either. Thanks to a whole bunch of websites that will help you find a room or two in rented houses and apartments, you will not have a hard time choosing.

Family stays or homestays

Another common option is family stays, especially for visiting students from abroad at smaller institutions. They stay in free rooms offered by local families for short periods of time, usually not exceeding one year.

What to look for in the different types of student accommodations

Regardless of what type of housing you choose, it's important to consider some important factors like:

Safety of the area

There are numerous apps and websites on the Internet that help answer this question.

Connectivity and available public transportation

It's okay to live a little further out in a city, but you should make sure that the transportation is good enough to get around beforehand.

How high will your bills be?

If you are worried about high bills, there are many ways to lower your energy costs when you live for rent.

Will maintenance be required?

If maintenance is required then find out how much it will cost and who will pay for it.

How many people will you be living with?

You'll probably have a better time in a larger group, but with a larger number of people, there's also a greater chance of arguments. If you follow a few tips about roommates, you'll have a great time at the university.

What is the most common type of housing for students?

As it is already known that most of the first-year students move into one of their university's residence halls. Since these are often located right on or near campus, they are understandably one of the most popular types of student accommodation for many students. In some cases, they are available exclusively to first-year students (however, this varies from university to university).

After freshman year, the majority of sophomore students move into private rental housing. Generally, students move into rented houses or apartments in groups of three to eight. Every year most second-year students moved to private rental housing, indicating that this is one of the most common types of housing for students.

The type of student housing that's best for you depends on many different factors and where you're willing to compromise. For example, maybe you can't imagine sharing a bathroom with four other people, but you don't mind taking the bus to university every day. The good news is that there are so many different types of housing for students, you're bound to find something that fits your lifestyle.

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