What Research Says About a One Bedroom Apartment in London Ontario

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What Research Says About a One Bedroom Apartment in London Ontario

In London, Ontario, the average rental price for a 1 bedroom apartment is vary as per the location and facilities. That may seem like a lot, but the city is incredibly expensive, and it is easy to see why. London is the most expensive place in Canada to rent an apartment, but the cost can be well worth it if you are looking to live in the city. You can also find the best apartments in 401 & 402 Access London and more locations.


If you're looking for an affordable commercial lease, London Ontario is the place to go. Its rent prices are significantly lower than those of other Toronto bedroom communities, like Kitchener and Hamilton. As a result, London is an excellent choice for seniors, students, and families with limited incomes. While you'll most likely be looking at a basement apartment, the city has a wide range of affordable rentals.

One of the best ways to find a low-cost rental is to use a smart search engine to compare prices for apartments in London.1 bedroom apartment in London, ON is affordable for you. Tons of people are getting affordable apartments in 401 & 402 Access London. As they can find every possible facility there.

Cheap London apartments are often not in prime locations, but they still offer many amenities. Many people choose to live in apartments that are close to public transportation and work. The best way to find cheap accommodation is to use an online platform, where thousands of properties are listed.


There are many factors to consider when determining the size of a 1 bedroom apartment in London, Ontario. The size and location of the apartment are important factors, as are the amenities available. A larger apartment will offer more space, but will also cost more. If you want to save money, consider renting in an older building.

A typical 1-bedroom apartment is about 450 square feet. Anything smaller is considered a studio apartment. However, larger units can be as much as 1,000 square feet. Generally, a large one bedroom apartment will be at least 600 square feet. Apartments located in urban neighbourhoods and near downtown are typically smaller than those in suburban areas.

Apartments with a single bedroom are a popular choice among London residents. They provide more square footage, a separate bedroom, and more space to entertain. However, single-bedroom apartments can be expensive. However, using smart search tools, you can find affordable one-bedroom units.


London Ontario is a great city for people looking for an affordable place to live. With a diverse rental market, you can find cheap  1 bedroom apartments to luxury condominiums. Many students are looking for short-term leases during the school year. As such, real estate developers are building a variety of one-, two, and three-bedroom apartment places in anticipation of growing enrollment.

There are many neighborhoods to choose from in the city such as 401 & 402 Access London . You can find apartments near school districts and shopping centers, or near public transportation. The downtown core and the northern end of the city have good rental options. If you're on a tight budget, you can find an apartment in a new construction building in a residential neighborhood. For commercial lease in London, you can also contact us, we have the best options for you.

While renting an apartment in London, consider the amenities available. Living in a condo building has its perks, and many buildings offer a wide variety of amenities. Just remember to ask the property owner about the rules and regulations. Adding extra touches can make your apartment feel more like home.


The price of a 1 bedroom apartment in London, Ontario varies from one location to the next. If you want to live in an affordable city, London is an excellent choice. Rent prices in London are lower than those in neighboring cities, such as Hamilton, Kitchener, and Toronto, and they're perfect for students, seniors, and families with limited incomes. The lowest rental prices in London are often found in basement apartments.

Single-bedroom apartments are popular among London, ON residents because they come with more square footage and separate bedrooms. They also provide more space for entertaining, although they are more expensive than double-bedroom apartments. Nonetheless, with smart searching tools, you can find a one-bedroom apartment for rent that's within your budget.

You can find a commercial lease in London and several London apartments for rent that are pet-friendly. These include 695 Proudfoot Lane and Cherryhill Village. Both offer a comfortable atmosphere, a secure neighbourhood, and easy access to shopping, transportation, and medical care. If you're looking for an apartment in London with laundry facilities, be sure to ask if they offer in-suite laundry or access to communal washers and dryers. While the average income in London is low, there's a wide disparity between the richest and poorest locals.

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