Best Home Inspection company in Chennai

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Best Home Inspection company in Chennai

Born and brought up in East Chennai, I love to build my dream home in my native city. Chennai is one of the oldest cities, famous for the Automobile Industry but historic buildings, long sandy beaches, Fresh seafood, Good Education, Unique culture, Colorful Festivals, Cinema Entertainment, and many more. Affordable home with a Good and peaceful community is what I expect while buying a new home. The budget of 30 - 60 Lakh 2BHK Apartment style home in Egmore with kids play area, sports amenities, Grocery store, Medical shop are our necessary preferences.

Buying a home in Chennai is a good investment and a great decision, as the value increases by 4-6% every year. It also gives long-term - savings, tax benefits, and a comfortable life. After many home tours, we finally decided to buy our dream home with a 20 Lakhs down payment. Our reputed developer recommended us for a professional home inspection in Chennai before moving in. My first question is whether it's necessary for a newly built home. After researching its importance, I realized that it is worth spending a little in-home inspection when you invest more in your dream home.

Home Inspection, also known as Building / Property Inspection, is the visual examination of the Certified Home Inspectors' property to find the defects that impact the Buyer's health or safety. To avoid unwanted surprises, home inspections are carried out before closing a home sale. However, the seller's home inspection is done before the home is listed. A typical home inspection takes nearly 3-4 hours, and the detailed report with photographic evidence may take 3-4 days.

Sometimes the home inspection is crowded with the Buyer, the seller, the home inspector, and the real estate agent. The home Inspector looks for safety issues, significant defects, and minor repair works, and the items can be either replaced, repaired, or serviced. The home Inspector will also analyze and report the things that need routine maintenance. The cost of the Home Inspection depends on the location, size, and layout of the house. It may vary between Rs 10,000 - Rs 50,000, but if the home inspector uses advanced technologies like thermal scanning, wind mitigation, four-point Inspections, it will cost more.

The main reason for conducting a Home Inspection, even in a newly built home, is to alert the buyers to invest in the right property before closing the sales contract.

1. It's a negotiating tool to request sellers for the price reduction of home with photographic evidence of issues.

2. The Buyer can back out from sale if any significant issues are found in case of minor damages.

3. It reveals the potential safety problems like an electrical shock, Radon gas, mold, and carbon monoxide hazards.

4. It indicates the crucial problems like structural damages, cracked foundation, or water flooding.

5. It saves time and money for the buyers and sellers to take prior actions.

6. If buying a foreclosed property or a short home sale, the home inspection is essential as the Buyer will be aware of the issues and its expenses to fix it.

7. It reveals the installation age of HVAC systems, plumbing network, and electric breakers so that the Buyer can predict the future maintenance costs.

The primary things that home inspectors look for:
1. Structural Damages
2. Functioning of fire and carbon monoxide alarms
3. Water Leakage, Waterproofing Chennai
4. HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning ) System issues
5. Damaged Electrical system
6. Plumbing problems
7. Basement and Carport issues
8. Exterior and Interior wall Damages
9. Proper insulation and alignment of doors and windows
10. Damaged roof and grading

After completing our home inspection in Chennai, the home inspector provided us a useful report that helped us know about some minor structural issues. This alerts us to request the builder to fix it as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the property. Instead of skipping the home inspection, whether it's a newly built home / renovated home, it's always better to spend less now and save more in the future.

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