Gamification and Serious Games for Enhanced Employee Training

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Gamification and Serious Games for Enhanced Employee Training

What is Gamification?

Gamification refers to e-learning activities and modules that motivate online learners to improve in a specific topic. Online learners, for example, must complete an eLearning platform before proceeding to the next level. This allows for friendly competition while expecting to learn from the knowledge. Gamification may not be as easy as like we convert PowerPoint to eLearning but the end results will be worthy.

Gamification is the use of game elements in non-gaming scenarios instead of the creation of a game. It is an approach in which one or more game elements are processed to enhance knowledge transfer. A good definition of gamification is a range of activities and processes that use game assets to solve problems.

  • Implementation is easy, and development costs are low.
  • Can be used as an additional layer on top of an existing product or interference.
  • This is ideal for making repeated or boring tasks more enjoyable.
  • Effective for instilling competition and motivating employees within a company.

What are Serious Games?

Serious games, on the other hand, focus on specific learning goals and objectives, enabling more increased competition. While it acquires some training value, the in-game impediments may be more evolved than essential gamification modules. 

As a consequence, serious gaming can help online learners acquire more important skills through digital learning solutions. As an outcome, serious games can be viewed as standalone chunks of e-learning.

The primary objective of serious games is to encourage teamwork, promote learning, or stimulate behavioral change. Serious games' main priority is not entertainment.

An effective serious game is distinct from a game that is good for entertainment. Games become inspiring to play by introducing an attractive online reality, exciting characters, rewards, and challenges. The storyline gives a serious game its strength.

Every game has a storyline, but serious games include the output depending on the game's learning objective. When blended with the skills and methods, the game can be planned in such a manner that users learn a new activity or acquire new knowledge. Learning in a good way is widely applicable for almost any type of problem or objective because it can be fully customized:

  • Due to the variety of available online games, it can be tailored to any possible target audience.
  • Is impactful for a long time because the player is intrinsically motivated to keep enjoying the game. As a consequence, it can be used to affect outcomes.
  • Has a high experience for the user, which improves the learning effect compared to other outcomes.
  • It is a one-time intervention.

Gamification and Serious Games’ Rewards in Employee Training

Gamification and serious games offer similar rewards in employee training. They assist in interacting with online learners, motivating them to achieve success, and inspiring them to learn and develop. 

However, there are important differences between the two widely used approaches. In this article, I'll analyze gamification and serious games, then discuss the important rewards of implementing both into your eLearning tactic.

Here are the few shared benefits with regards to Gamification provided by eLearning companies in USA:

Skills that enable Regular Updates

Employees in a gaming atmosphere become used to immediate feedback. They can see if they are lost or going to win in real time. They know if they are going to fall behind or if they are on target based on this appropriate access.

Gamification is very effective and is a huge boost to your employees' motivation. They crave reviews rather than dread them.

Games Cultivate competitiveness

Employees can be challenged to come up with ideas by putting individuals in high-stakes situations through gamification. You can utilize a range of inputs into the serious game to familiarise them with the most puzzling problems they may face in the real world. 

Games Accelerate multi-tasking

Considering the nature of today's workforce and employment opportunities, the majority of employees must improvise multiple responsibilities at the same time. Employees can learn the art of multitasking by implementing serious games that simulate real-life workplace scenarios. As a result, eLearning games boost multitasking in an interactive and engaging environment.

Learning is made easier with Serious Games

Regular training modules sometimes may be unhelpful at learning skills required in real-life situations. Serious games can overcome the shortcomings by providing an interactive atmosphere in which workers can learn useful skills and concepts for improving the world.

You can customize the games to create different scenarios based on the training objectives that must be achieved. If you don't have a computer programming background, Expert can build custom, highly interactive games for your workforce training.

Encourage Employees

Serious games and gamification both help to motivate learners. Some employees may be motivated, but those who require an extra push benefit from game tactics. Rewards, both physical and intellectual, can make a big difference. Using gamification elements and multiplayer also overcomes tiredness and makes learning enjoyable.

Games Boost Performance

If traditional learning activities aren't improving employee performance, it's time to switch to gamification. Serious games enable employees to correct their errors in making efforts.Conventional training puts very few opportunities for change and can quickly add to the costs. An employee, on the other hand, can always preview the game to grasp the learning experience.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say that there are multiple rewards for enhancing gamification and serious games into your employee training sessions. As technology advances, learning games will become even more accessible and effective.

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