How do you Connect a VPC to your Corporate Data Enter?

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How do you Connect a VPC to your Corporate Data Enter?

To begin with, moving all devices at once is not practical. It's common to have to relocate them one by one. Another difficulty could be your company's applications, which may or may not be cloud-ready. There may also be legal restrictions preventing storing your information even outside the data center. For whatever reason, users may not be ready to finalize a complete migration in some circumstances. As a result, the only choice left will be to deploy scenario two, a hybrid cloud architecture.

Why Build a Hybrid Cloud?

Your on-premises data center is interconnected to the cloud infrastructure in a hybrid solution, and although specific systems execute in the cloud, others stay in your data center. Companies adopt hybrid connectivity for various reasons.

Available Solutions to Connect VPC to the Corporate Data Centers?

The main question is, "How do you connect a VPC to your corporate data center?" Well, it is done by creating a hybrid cloud. You can make private networks between a data center and VPC. You can link Cloud to your on-premises IT infrastructure.Using Cloud resources such as processing, memory, system, and Content Delivery Network resources, you can manage workload surges and increase application stability. A VPN gateway, a SAG, or an Express Connect circuit can connect a data center to a VPC. The Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) can also be used to connect networks worldwide.

VPN Gateways

VPN gateways can create IPsec-VPN connections between data center networking solutions and VPCs. VPN doorways allow the active-active mode by default, using two VPN gateways. When one Vpn fails to work as expected, the system switches to this mode automatically. Over the Internet, IPsec-VPN connections are established. As a result, the Internet determines network latency and availability. VPN gateways are recommended if you do not need minimal network latency.


SAG is a one-stop shop for getting private networks connected to Cloud. SAG is a service that provides connectivity to remote networks to Cloud over the Online platform. SAG establishes secure and trustworthy relationships. SAG is simple to use and inexpensive. We advocate using SAG to link numerous on-premises regional sites to Cloud.

Express Connect circuit

To connect your data center networking solutions to an Alibaba Cloud access point, you can use an Express Connect circuit supplied by an Internet service provider (ISP). You can also apply for Express Connect circuits that are dedicated to you. Lower transmission latency and bandwidth efficiency are provided through Express Connect lines. If you require reduced IT and networking services latency, we propose Express Connect circuits.

Direct Connect

The Direct Connect service allows you to connect to VPC via a dedicated network connection. This solution provides more privacy and speed than VPN connections. Direct Connect gateways are Cloud hosting routers put at a colocation facility outside of Availability Zones and allow you to peer with Cloud.There are over 40 sites that you can access throughout the world. You can connect at 1 or 10 Gbps in each of them. Hybrid Cloud provides smaller bandwidths of 300, 400, and 500 Mbps.

What are the Security Best Practices?

IT and networking services must ensure the following security practices before considering moving to a hybrid cloud infrastructure:

Use a layered security strategy for large-scale installations, with network security applied at each stage.

Use security groups at all times.

Use network ACLs to supplement security groups.

Use IAM to guarantee access control, and network ACLs have distinct roles.

For connectivity to private systems or other sites, use direct connect or IPSec.

Data security while in transit.

Final Verdict

There are, of course, other available ways to access your data center to the cloud. You can utilize a variety of infrastructures, including numerous VPNs, Direct Connect connectivity, or a combination of both. You should be able to breeze through this process if you follow the preceding suggestions.In the end, it's all about finding the strategy that works best for you which EES can provide.

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