How to Restore Google Workspace Data

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How to Restore Google Workspace Data

Restoring Google Workspace data is one of the activities that almost every organization practices on certain occasions. Whenever the employees leave the organization or due to other reason, the user G Suite data get deleted, and then the company looks to restore them. Many IT Experts suggest taking G Suite backup to avoid data loss situations. While looking at the solution to make it happen will include the Google Workspace basic inbuilt recovery tool.

But it also comes with limitations, that it can recover the data only within a specified time period. It is always better to look for preventive measures to make sure that the data remain available at all the time. This blog will focus on the solution that will allow to backup of user G Suite data.

Manual way to recover Google Workspace data 

After the deletion of user data still, the possibility remains to recover the data. However, if we specifically talk about the user Google workspace data, it can only be retrieved within 25 days of permanent deletion. Afterwards, there is no such way to recover them, but the user can export G Suite email to PST file format, which will be easier to restore the data in the event of data loss. However, we will make you aware of restoring data through the Google Workspace admin console.

Before organizing the recovery process, check out a list of data when you will not be able to recover them:

  • Data which gets deleted before 25 days.
  • Files associated with Google Map
  • Data stored in user trash
  • Fusion Table data

Now check out the working procedure of the recovery process of the Google Workspace. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, sign in to the Google Admin Console (Make sure to use the super admin credential instead of the user).
  • Now, go to the Users from the Google admin console.
  • Locate the user whose data needs to be restored.
  • After that, point to the user account, click more and then select restore data.
  • Select the data range to restore user data (User can select up to 25 days of data deletion date).
  • Under the application section, you need to select Drive from the drop-down
  • At last, select the Restore button.

This method helps restore user data but consumes a lot of time. Moreover, several IT experts have advised adopting certain technology for taking G Suite backup instead of waiting for data to get deleted. So in the next section, we will focus on the backup solution of Google Workspace.

Professional Solution to backup G Suite Data

The name of such utility is the Shoviv G Suite backup and restore tool, which offers advanced features.

This software handles the backup task for multiple users with the help of super admin credentials. It creates the user Google Workspace mailboxes backup in the PST file format. Moreover, the user can also schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups. The user can customize the G Suite backup process using the software filter option. It means the user can selectively export the G Suite data into the PST file format.

Using the tool incremental backup option, the user can back up the new data which gets created after initiating the last backup. Many more advanced functionalities of the software help users export G Suite mailbox to PST without causing data loss incidents. Moreover, users can look for its free evaluation version to test them all. The demo version allows backing the first 50 items per folder of the user G Suite mailbox.

Ending Remarks

We all know that preventing is better than cure, so the same philosophy goes for Google Workspace also. Several reasons will make your data lost, but rather than thinking about the steps to restore, users should think of taking their account backup at regular intervals. On the other hand, if the users need to take G Suite backup, they can rely on the third party described in this write-up.

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