Reasons Why You Should Opt to Live in a Student Housing

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Reasons Why You Should Opt to Live in a Student Housing

Reasons Why You Should Opt to Live in a Student Housing

Are you about to start studying at university? Maybe you are not sure where to live. There are many great options, from student housing, shared apartments and homestays to assisted living and college dorm.

To make your move as smooth as possible, find out where you could live and what type of housing would be best for your needs. If you are looking for convenience, affordability, and the opportunity to meet different students from all over the world, serviced housing is a fantastic choice. Here are some of the benefits of living in a dorm away from home.


Because housing is tailored to students' needs, assisted living providers take into account students' financial capabilities. With many providers, rent is flat-rate, meaning that unlike private landlords, the cost of electricity, water and internet is covered in a single payment. This makes monthly budgeting easier because you know exactly how much you will spend on housing.

Make friends

Shared student apartments are a great way to make new friends during your university life. In student residences, you will often live with other students who are studying nearby or even at the same educational institution as you. In addition, many serviced accommodation providers organise regular dinners, gatherings and other social events to bring the student accommodation community together.

Being independent

Moving out of your parents' house can feel very scary, but it's the best way to learn many valuable life lessons, from handling finances to emotional maturation and, of course, how to use the washing machine.

Share tips

Whether you want to ask a fellow student for advice, need someone to proofread your term paper, or just need some tips on where to go out to eat, when you live in a student dorm, you'll always have neighbours and roommates nearby who can help you.

Safety and security

Moving to a new city or country can be nerve-wracking, and assisted living providers know this. They offer extra security in the form of building passcodes and swipe card access, video surveillance and on-site management teams. That is way, you always know your new accommodation is safe and secure.

Convenient locations

Many student housing providers are located not only near major educational institutions, but also near shopping and entertainment centres. If you need to go somewhere that's not within walking distance, you'll be close to public transportation such as trains, buses or streetcars, so you can easily get around your new city.

Get involved

You will find it easier to get involved in groups and clubs. You will make closer personal contacts because you will see these people every day. These opportunities will help you grow both academically and personally as you learn about other cultures and ideas.

Additional amenities

In addition to your flat-style room, you'll have access to several lounges, including a sports lounge, a movie lounge, a quiet room and a study lounge. Whether you want to socialise, work out, relax, or study, there's something for everyone! There's also an on-site fitness room, laundry facilities and several kitchens.

Sense of community

For many people, the thought of being away from family can be daunting. But in the studentapartments, you are likely to find a different kind of family. You'll often eat, study, and hang out with the people in your building, and since you are all here for the same reason, you'll have shared experiences. This means you'll always have someone to talk to, which can be a good cure for homesickness.


Many accommodation providers organise activities such as visits to the outdoors, sporting events and holiday parties, so there's plenty to do outside of studying. 

Equipped rooms

Depending on where you stay and the type of room you choose, many student accommodation providers offer basic amenities including a bed, desk, shelves and seating. This means you do not have to stress about furnishing your new room. You can move right in and start exploring or getting to know your new roommates without having to hassle with moving furniture in.

Plus, many providers of student apartments offer gyms, common areas, barbecue grills and outdoor patios, so the entire building is well-equipped for both daily living and fun weekend activities.

Fewer distractions and better grades

On-campus housing is in the middle of busy, noisy, distracting campus life. That can be fun, but not when it comes to learning. When you choose to live off-campus, you can decide when you want to participate in the action and when you need quiet time to cram for an exam or work through an essay.

Learn from the best

Student dorms aren't just about living with other students and being close to campus, but also about being supported by specially trained staff. Even though living away from home will give you a taste of independence, you can be sure that the residence hall staff will be there to help and advise you if you ever need an expert.

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