6 Benefits of an Infrared BBQ Grill

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6 Benefits of an Infrared BBQ Grill

Are you looking to make a purchase of an Infrared BBQ Grilla and are curious about the benefits and advantages it poses against traditional bbq grills?Well, we have got you covered! We’ll be looking at the benefits and advantages an infrared bbq grill can give and why people are making the switch!So the following question must be running through your mind:“What is an infrared burner or grill, and what sets them apart as something you should consider having in your outdoor kitchen?” Well, let’s try to define what an infrared burner or grill even is.

What is an Infrared BBQ Grill?:

A gas grill that makes use of infrared technology as a heat source or an additional burner is known as an infrared grill. In a typical gas barbecue, the flame directly heats the grates. But as it turns out the grates and flame are separated from one other in an infrared grill.

Structure of Infrared Grill:

The basic structure of an infrared burner is a gas chamber area enclosed by a radiant panel of some kind. Due to this, the cooking surface of infrared grills can have very even heating.

The most typical style is a punctured ceramic tile enclosed in a stainless steel mesh for protection whereas, the most creative infrared system design in an infrared bbq grill that people rave about are the ones that use radiant glass panels to evenly disperse heat as it rises to your food from the burners.

Now that we have established what an infrared bbq grill is, it is time to dive into the multitude of benefits one can reap from it!

Most high-quality infrared grills offer the wonderful advantages of quick preheat periods, quick cooking times, equal heat distribution throughout the grill surface, generally juicier food, and upscale searing.

Let’s explore them one by one:

Equal Heat Distribution:

When comparing infrared burners to traditional burners, one can generally try to describe it by saying that a traditional style gas burner will emit heat that is more dispersed, kind of like a spotlight.

In contrast, infrared heat is more like a laser beam in its directness and concentration. The impact of this difference can be seen in the sear and the crust, where the concentrated laser beam-like heat will hit the meat more directly and intensely in all the right places.

That is why infrared broilers are generally used in steakhouses for the intense sear and crust they can produce at extremely high temperatures.

Quick Preheat and Cooking Times:

One of the significant practical advantages of infrared grilling is the incredibly quick preheat time. A surprise bbq? The sudden arrival of many guests? Well, an infrared bbq grill will have your back. This is because an infrared grill will have you ready to start cooking in 3 to 5 minutes, making it ideal for a hectic schedule as well. Additionally, you'll see that using infrared cooking results in perfectly cooked food in a lot less time than using traditional burners.

Steakhouse Like Searing:

The ability to attain temperatures around 800 and 1,000 degrees is the primary quality one should look for if the ideal sear is the end goal. At these temperatures, your steak will have lovely grill marks, caramelization, and a crust covering the entire surface. The heat output from Solaire grills and their ceramic infrared burners is among the greatest available.

Juicier Food:

The food you cook over infrared will be exceptionally juicy, even if we ignore the fantastic outer sear that you receive with infrared grilling. This is because infrared heat food without using the convective air movement that a traditional burner does. When grilling over infrared, the moisture barrier of your food remains intact, therefore, the food you grill will retain up to 30% more moisture.

Can Handle Low Temperatures:

A common misconception about infrared grills is that they are only designed to cook well at high temperatures.

Top grill brands in the industry are constantly innovating, and have created variable temperature infrared cooking systems. There are many kinds of infrared grills that use a variable-temperature stainless steel burner underneath radiant glass panels.

With this unique design, it would be possible to grill at a low of about 200° or a high

of about 900 degrees which is a huge temperature range for an infrared grill.

This makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of infrared even when cooking something fairly low and slow. Cook something like shrimp at lower temperatures, or crank up the heat to high for steakhouse searing.

If you are interested in having the option of cooking over infrared or conventional burners, there are plenty of hybrid grills on the market, which will typically feature several conventional burners paired with one infrared zone. If the bulk of your cooking will be over conventional burners, infrared side burners are also a great option.

So, if you’re planning to switch over to an infrared bbq grill and leave your old conventional bbq grill behind, the top listed benefits should make your decision more stronger! Happy bbq-ing!

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