Contemporary Art Paintingsb

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Contemporary Art Paintingsb

This type of art provides an opportunity to reflect on complex issues relevant to humanity and the diverse, rapidly changing world around us. It is part of an ongoing conversation that touches on global issues such as racism, feminism, religion, and human trafficking. Contemporary art presents itself in various forms, including;

  1. Painting
  2. Sculpture
  3. Photography
  4. Literature
  5. Architecture
  6. Cinema
  7. Dance
  8. Music
  9. Theater and many hybrid forms

The art is entirely distinguished by its style or approach, lacking a basic uniform organizing principle. Contemporary art is often viewed with a skeptical eye as this style of art can be challenging to define. This might be because contemporary artists use a technique that people are not used to in redefining art and challenging our ideas about what art should look like. However, the best way to approach contemporary art is a curious and open mind with a commitment to dialogue and debate. As such, it will be easier to understand the artistís perspectives and get the message they are trying to pass. This article will discuss this art type and how to understand it. Read on for more exciting information.

What Are the Characteristics of Contemporary Art?

As we have pointed out earlier, the most prominent characteristic of contemporary art is, ironically, the fact that it has no single characteristic. Contemporary art is defined entirely by the artistís ability to merge one or two forms of art to create a masterpiece relevant to the times we live in. However, there are a few notable features to look for in contemporary art:

1. Innovation in art

Contemporary artists are notable pioneers of new art forms in the world. They merge one or two existing art forms or employ new ideas to bring out newer types of art.

Collage art, a modern artistic technique of snipping and piecing several pieces of paper with different prints, is an example of artistic innovation.

2. Use of new mediums

Another characteristic of contemporary art is the employment of different everyday objects and materials in creating unique artworks. Traditionally, artists created art on canvas, but with contemporary art, a spectrum of different mediums have been used to create masterpieces. Materials such as newspapers, comic strips, and even boxes have been brought to good use by contemporary artists. Again, many of these materials are applied masterfully in creating junk arts and assemblages.

3. Use of color

Traditional artists used color to portray the mood, light, point of view, and depth to bring life to their paintings and artwork, but this is not the case with contemporary artists. Contemporary artists experimented with colors unconventionally to create new and vibrant textures and themes and used them in their artwork.

4. Use of technique

Contemporary artists make use of new unique techniques which has shaped the basis of what contemporary art is viewed as today. Among such techniques are minimalism, found objects, and large-scale paintings. Each of these brings a unique perspective from which we can view contemporary art.

Anthea Polson Art Gallery is located in Main Beach on the Gold Coast Australia. Specialising in contemporary Australian art and sculpture.

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